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  1. I haven't had too many problems at all! Only issue was the typical transfer case leak, which was done at a pretty good bargain from someone we know at a Toyota dealership. Other than that, everything else has been fine (besides the mpg, LOL)
  2. I ran into the Top Gear crew from the UK. It was a pity I didn't see them in person, I just so happened to be parked right in between them at the LAX Hilton, lol. I would have loved to snap a pic with Jeremy! The yellow LFA is clean as a mutha!! Both the Aston and LFA made my GX look like a dang hoopty/bucket. =P here are some pics
  3. LifeEnjoyer

    My GX470!

  4. So I was going to change the oil today and noticed that there was coolant that leaked all over the engine. I don't know where it came but I washed it off (should have snapped a pic!), so today I will try to drive around a bit and pop the hood again to see where it is coming from. I hope it isn't anything too serious. I couldn't find too much info on coolant leaking here on the forums and would appreciate any input from anyone with this experience. I'm guessing it leaked from one of the hoses or something. I recently got everything changed (timing belt, water pump, new radiator) about 3k miles ago or so. I took her offroading earlier in the week two days in a row as well and went through some rough terrain in 90+ degree heat.
  5. Please let me know if you are anyone you know is selling a pair. :P
  6. Sorry if this was posted before, I tried searching and couldn't find a thread or post about this. I wanted to know what steps you guys took to red out the yellow part of the taillights on the GX470? I really want to get rid of that yellow!!
  7. I tried to do a search and couldn't find anything here or on google. The light is out on my rear console box and the manual doesn't show how to replace this light. Anyone have the steps to this? Thanks guys!
  8. Let me know if you are selling one. Looking for one preferably in the So Cal area.
  9. Anyone on here selling a used sports bumper trim or know any good sites where I can get one? I looked online (Sewell and other Lexus vendors) and found it difficult to find, since it is a discontinued item.
  10. I was wondering if Michelin Pilot LTX P245/65R17 105H tires would fit onto our GX470's. There is an almost brand new set from a Lincoln Aviator on craigslist that we looked at. Would there be any issue from it such as less smoothness to the ride, etc? Let me know folks. =)
  11. I know this is an old thread, but I need a key replacement as well. I only have the spare and do not have the original key with remote. Any tips?
  12. I have almost 110k on my GX. It is still possible to get this done for free, since it was a recall right?
  13. I picked up a 2004 Lexus GX470 over the weekend with 109,500+ miles on it. So far, there is a quite a bit of road noise coming from the back. I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this as well....and there is also a grinding noise which the car makes when turning right at a slow pace. Also, I noticed there was a bit jolt when the car comes to a stop sometimes, which another friend of mine said there was also. I looked up these issues and noticed some people saying the same thing and some don't have them at all....but I just wanted to get everyone's input on what I should do about these issues...
  14. Thanks! I guess I can ask them to reduce the price by another $1,000-1,500 or so if they didn't replace it yet.
  15. Hey everyone. We made a deal with a private seller here in So Cal for a 2004 Lexus GX470 w/ 109,500+ miles or so. They want $17,000 (best deal we've found during these last 2 weeks) for the car and we plan on getting a payment to her on Sat. Is this a pretty good deal or not? Also, with over 100k+ miles, have you guys encountered any issues with the car? Just wanted to get some tips before we finalize the purchase.
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