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  1. I have a 2014 RX 350. It seems that the latest map update available is the 2018 update- already two years old. Does anyone know if a newer update is out, or is coming out? Thank you
  2. Please let me know what the latest map update is for my 2014 RX 350. I have a Gen 7 NAV system. When I look online, all I see is an update from Sept 2018. Is there a more recent one? Thank you
  3. I have a 2014 RX 350 with 2013 maps. There is a map update screen that asks for a DVD or USB drive to update the maps. How can I find out what generation Nav system I have and/or what DVD I actually need. Please help Thanks
  4. I want to change my rear wiper blade- 2014 Rx 350 I understand how to get the blade into a vertical position, but I still cannot lift the blade to remove it. Is there something else I need to do in order to lift the blade? Thanks
  5. I just ordered a new passenger side rear view mirror for my 200o es 300. The mirror was hit and broken off. Has anyone changed this mirror? So I have to take the entire door panel off or just the triangular piece above the panel where the mirror bolts in? How is that piece held in? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have a 2007 RX350 My NAV will not accept some addresses. I would guess they are not in the database. The only work around that I found is to enter a street address just a number or two more or less then where I am actually going. Is there a better way to get the NAV to accept an address? Thanks
  7. The rear passenger side door lock on my 2000 ES-300 will not open or close electronically. I have to manually push the button on that door to get it to lock or unlock. Any ideas what to do? Thanks.
  8. I have a 2000 ES300. I have been using a group size 35 battery, but the auto store is telling me that I should be using a size 24F battery. They say that is what the car came with. Does it make a difference? Which one is better? Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have detailed directions w/pics on replacing the knock sensors in a 2000 ES-300? Thanks
  10. Hi, I just tried to call you, but no answer. Do you still have the Lexus 2000 ES300 service manual? When is a good time to call? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Can you tell me what the story is with the "by pass hose"? What is it for? Thanks
  12. I have an E300 and want to hard wire the power for a Sirius Satellite Radio. The only fuse box is under the hood and even if I could get to it, I am not sure I see how I would hook into it. The Sirius forums suggest buying an auxillary cigarette lighter from Radio Shack and wiring it into the the back of the car's lighter. I am not sure how to do that either. Any ideas? Essentially, I need to get power to the radio. The Auzillary Cigarette lighter seems like a great idea, but I need a way to hook it in without taking the entire car apart. Thanks.
  13. Has anyone bought a key from a company called "Streetkeys?" The send you a key and tell you where to go to get it cut and programmed? I want to know if this is a reliable way to get a second remote key? Any other suggestions are welcome? Thanks.
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