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  1. Life Of A Cam And Crank Seal?

    Just a quick comment about the Crank and Cam seals. On my 2nd round of timing belt replacement, I wanted dealer to replaced both. However, only the crank seal was replaced. According to dealer, it would be very time consuming to tear down additional parts to replace the Cam seals b/c more parts have to be taken out, so obviously that'd drive up the cost. Watching a youtube video of similar gx470 engine shows that the dealer is correct. I elected to skip the Cam seal replacement.
  2. Time for a 2nd round of timing belt replacement at 215K as I hope it will last another 100k. While my rig is in the shop, I am thinking of replacing the spark plugs for the 1st time. Anyone with higher mileage than me and still using the original spark plugs? I am wondering how long they will last and whether its a waste of money(~$380 parts+labor) to get it replace now. Thanks!
  3. Front end shake

    Regarding the leaked grease from the CV boot, I discovered the same issue about 7+ years ago. There was no clamp there so I got a CV boot clamp and a tool to install one. SInce then I haven't noticed any problem. In addition to this boot issue, my RX suffered the same years ago and that eventually lead to failure(making sound when turning the wheel) so I got it replaced. So I wouldn't be surprise if that could be the culprit. Another thing, if your tires are worn pretty low, you may feel the shake more so than a newer tire. Its been my experience that after I replaced my tires(about 4 sets since I owned my GX), the shake goes away or not as apparent.
  4. How to tow a GX470?

    Thanks Trevor. I'll keep that in mind in the future. Luckily car started after popping in a new battery. I am surprised that my battery only lasted about 2.5 years, now it got me thinking about possible issue with alternator, after all my rig now has 215k miles on it.
  5. How to tow a GX470?

    Hi there, quick question. My rig is disabled at the moment and its parking inside my garage, possibly a battery or starter failure. If battery replacement does not fix it, can it be tow by a towed truck instead of putting it on a flat bed truck? Obviously my rig is a 4x4, so there must be a way for the tow truck driver to move it out of the garage before they can tow it to the shop. Do you put the transmission in neutral before towing? I know tow truck driver move a lot of different cars, don't want them to wrongly move my rig that may cause major damage to the tranny. Thanks!
  6. Hmm, you sure it was coolant and not carb cleaner? Anyway, for me that 2 screw were the hardest ones to take out for the first time. The entire process probably closed to the amount of time you put in. After that it got easier. The screw material is software so it not careful, it could get damaged easily if too much force or the wrong tool is used. Not really sure what the purpose of that ring is, it doesn't look like a gasket to me. I guess if your car idles properly and car runs smooth, probably not a concern.
  7. Last time I cleaned my IACV was about 26 months ago at 201,000 miles. Now at ~225,000 miles, the car started to have low idle and several thousand miles ago, the car stumbled/hesitated initially during standing start. Well, I just cleaned the IACV again and the idle is back to normal again, and acceleration is much more smoother now. Since its my 3rd time doing it, it only took me about 1 hour. BTW, someone posted a You Tube video of how to do this and offered some advice/logic why its important that you disconnect the bottom hose so all the cleaner does not go down to the crankcase(i think that's what its called?). I followed that advice and spent a little more effort in cleaning than last time, so hopefully this cleaning will last longer. We shall see. Cheers everyone!
  8. Hey guys, Battery is a bit weak so going to replace my toyota group 27f battery tomorrow. The DuraLast gold from autozone is less than that the dealer one. Anyone install this on their rig with no problem? If u use a different brand, which one did you installed? Thanks!
  9. 2003 Gx 470 Belt Tensioner Replacement?

    Speaking of the belt tensioner, I'd have to replace mine. The belt screeches loudly when turning on the car(2004 model with ~160K miles) then goes away. Mechanic told me the tensioner is stuck. He helped me loosen it and spray a bit of WD40 on it. He told me there is a 50/50 chance if fixing it. Unfortunately issue has returned about couple of weeks so will have to get it replaced. I am just curious. Do you have to remove the radiator to replace it? The area looks cramp so I suspect at the very least, the radiator fan has to be removed first. But if the radiator has to be removed, I am considering replacing the radiator for a small pin leak. If the radiator does not need removal, I could replace it when I do my 2nd timing belt change in a few years. Mjones, did you eventually replace the tensioner or just the serpentine belt? If you did, did you remove the radiator? I replaced by timing belt at about 106K and the dealer never replace my tensioner, just the serpentine belt In hindsight, I probably should have.
  10. To Change Or Not To Change?

    Just curious how many miles you have on your rig? I haven't got around to changing it yet as shifting is still smooth. I have about 128K on mine and don't drive very aggressively.
  11. Life Of A Cam And Crank Seal?

    Mann777, nice to know your LS400 has gotten that far, simply amazing how well the Toyota engines can last. I hope mine can last this long. One Lexus dealer try to sell me timing belt package deal($1900) which consist of Tbelt, WP, drive belt, cam and crank seals, tensioner and other idler parts. I've decided against it and left out the Cam and Crank seals(all appeared good during inspection). And I ended up taking it to a Toyota dealer for a resonable price. Now speaking of the T-belt. That belt still look good after 106K miles, the teeth were intact,no cracks or belt fiber coming apart which I was surprise how robust it is. My guess is I can probably go further without the Tbelt replacement but this is something I didn't want to gamble on.
  12. Hey folks, I've been doing my timing belt homework so I know opinion varies regarding what should be replaced when doing the timing belt replacement. Until now I've never hear the need to replace the cam and crank seal(one service guy recommendeded it but I am not sure if he is trying to sell me some BS). I do understand that it will eventually break down over time/mileage. As a matter of fact, I never hear of anyone reporting having problem that resulted in a bad seal. Does anyone know or have an opinion/experience on how long this part usually last? What are the chances that it will last 200K miles(hopefully on a 2nd timing belt replacement) in normal driving(80% freeway and no towing) condition? I know its not easy getting an objective answer. thanks any feedback!
  13. How Many Miles On Your Gx? Any Problems?

    You gotta be serious. 240K miles? My 04 model has about 103K. I hope my rig will last this long. Despite the common problems people have, its still fine rig.
  14. I got the Toyota TrueStart brand(identical to the Group 27F from Interstate and its about $30 less than Lexus dealer) and installed it. Its working just fine. The new battery was a bit taller so I had to adjust the "bar" that goes on top of the battery to keep it secure.
  15. To Change Or Not To Change?

    Like the other poster said, its changeable. Here's an attached tech note on how this would be done at the dealership. Its little more complex than the kind of transmission with the dipstick. I have not done mine yet since I don't drive under extreme condition and no towing involve. For a piece of mind, I am going to do mine later this year. Hope that helps. 2010-01-19_000334_RM0.pdf