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  1. Get them professionally installed by a car stereo place! Also get the slim ballast so they wont flicker! I got 8000k HID installed in my car but got the regular ballast and in the beggining they flicker but when you get some hours through them they stop flickering.
  2. Hello!!! I am looking for recommendations service for 70k? or 90k?
  3. I saw the additional pics you did for the tail lights. Were they easy to install? I m targeting the smoked color to put on my ride.
  4. Looks good man!!!! I have a 04 GX470 also with some mean tires on them!!! not lifted though but it looks good
  5. Here is my Lexus GX470 04
  6. Finally getting used to this!!!!!

  7. Here is a site
  8. showcasehats

    Lexus GX470 Exterior

    pics of my GX470 EXT.
  9. showcasehats

    04 GX470 Interior

    Pics of my 04 GX470 interior
  10. I know its kinda of topic but does anyone know why when I load my pics through here its saying I dont have space? let me know how to work this I would like to show you guys my GX470
  11. Please add comment on pic
  12. Hello Everyone my name is Carlos and Im a owner of 04 Lexus GX470. Brand new to the site so please feel free to let me know how to become a Lexus Owner Club! Thanks!

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