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  1. Your answers can most likely be found in this post....
  2. Guys, I've done my research and all I've been told is that the shake at 60-65 mph is the trade-off you have to accept if you change away from OEM wheels and tires. I know we've all heard this, but OEM wheels and tires are designed for a purpose... the best ride possible. So, i've just had to come to terms with the fact that.... If you want to change wheels, lower, or generally change things out on the car, you have to be willing to accept a decrease in something, like ride quality, for the improvement of something, like the car's looks...
  3. My Sirius Install. Let me know if you have any questions....
  4. Would anyone be willing to sell or trade their GS yellow fog lamps for my clear ones? I know everyone's looking for them but I've got to ask. Thanks! Chris
  5. Guytelefunken, I see that you must play the finest tubes around..... If so, what amp do you play them through??
  6. Hey, I've decided to go with the Tanabe NF210 too. I think I'm going to go with the L-tuned shocks. I've gotten some quotes on labor for installation of springs, shocks, and an alignment for $405.00. How does this compare to labor charges you guys have heard?
  7. Newbig400, Could you send me a picture of your GS lowered to my address @ I just purchased an Eibach Pro Kit but I think that I am going to send them back and get some Tanabe NF210's with L-tuned shocks because I don't think that the Eibach's will lower my car enough. Thanks!
  8. Whoever named this thread should have renamed it.... The GS400 is already fast stock!!!!!!!!!
  9. I can't decide between the Eibach Pro Kit for a 1.0 inch drop all around or the H&R Sport Springs for a 1.4 to 1.6 inch drop all around. The guys at The Tire Rack said that the Eibach's would help keep factory ride quality, which I want. But I wonder if 1 inch would be low enough. What do you think would be a better pick with 17" wheels? Here are two pictures of the car. Thanks!
  10. Hey, I have the same problem. I have a '99 GS300 and it started when I purchased new 17" wheels and tires. I have done the same in terms of balancing and aligning, but when I hit 60 mph. the steering wheel shakes horribly. It happens inbetween 58 - 65 or so mph. After driving for a while, it eventually fades off. I also make sure that I've got the correct tire pressures in each tire. I've got Sumitomo HTR+ which were cheap and I think that the shaking could be due to cheap tires which could be out of round (i got one tire replaced b/c it was out of round) or possibly due to the power steering. I was told my power steering fluid is needing to be flushed. It's strange that it does this only at 60 mph. A Lexus shouldn't have a steering wheel that shakes like a YUGO.
  11. Could I get some recommendations on some lowering springs for my '99 GS300? I want a 1.25" to 1.5" drop. I've got 17" wheels. I'm not really too concerned about performance, more about looks at the moment. However, I don't want a decrease in ride quality. I haven't been able to get a solid answer on the L-Tuned springs drop. One person says it's a 1.25" drop and others say an approx. 20mm drop which is less than an inch. What would you guys recommend for a little over or less than $300? Does anyone have any idea about the typical labor costs? Thanks.
  12. I did the install myself. It is FM Modulated so I use an unused FM station to listen. The tuner is in the back right sidewell. I had to tap into two wires in the radio's wiring harness in order to get ACC Power and battery power. I got the wiring diagram from LarryM in the forum. I still have the diagram if you need it. I cut some styrofoam for the mount.
  13. Sirius for $149 including antenna, tuner, which was free from Crutchfield, and controller with FM Modulator. Sounds pretty good. You have to turn up the volume a bit higher than when using the CD player. I used to have a Ford Explorer with a Sony Xplod receiver with Sony XM Radio tuner. This sounds just as good.
  14. Anyone have an install like this?
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