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  1. Thank you for explaining my intent. It's beyond my wildest imagination that someone would interpret my comments as a personal criticism and of course my opinion is my opinion only. No reflection Paul. I know how difficult it is to overlook the comfort and reliability of an RX based on it's appearance.
  2. I love my 2007 RX 350 but I can't replace it with a newer RX because they are the ugliest suv on the road. Does anyone else share this opinion and what if any replacements are you considering?
  3. I have a leaking timing cover my 2007 RX 350. This gasket is not a convential gasket but rather a sealer similar to permatex. The cost of repair is in the $2000 range and I'm wondering if its worth the $ to repair or just keeping cardboard under the car and what about trying to sell the car ?
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