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  1. Thank you Paul for your recommendation. My radio amp is PIONEER STEREO AMPLIFIER 86280-30670. I found one that's used for sale $700+shipping. Maybe I will give them a try. That's one year warranty or maybe purchase an extended warranty on it. If not working, I will ship it back with full refund within 30days. Cross my fingers. Charles.
  2. Hi Does anyone experience the audio problem with the GS350? Mine is 2013 GS350 F-Sport. Yesterday when I started my car and turn on my radio. It was fine at the beginning, suddenly the voice went off, the volume button (both panel and the steering wheel) not response, the navigation voice went off too but still functioning, hands free still work but no voice too. (You still can dial and receive the call). When go to the SOUND option on the muti-media page, you can't choose the option like Left, right, front and rear. Suddenly the radio comes up again. Then keep going on and off! Anyone has suggestions and advice?? Today I bring the car to the Lexus Dealer and they request to do a diagnostic test ($168.37). After the test, they found Amplifier Malfunction and recommend replacing the amplifier first (Around $2500) and then checking for other possible malfunctions. That makes me disappointed and !Removed! off. How come for a 3 years old car will have is kind of problem without warranty. The test fee is fine for me (no matter) but the solution is pay $2500 to buy the amplifier for them to test and not 100% guarantee that problem will be fixed. Is anyone can help me for solving that kind of worry! Thanks, Charles. Lexus test invoice.pdf