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  1. Thanks, Paul. I will look for the cable to which it attaches.
  2. Found this in the trunk of my ES 350 F Sport after having had the carpet and panels out. It looks like a pull, but I cannot find from where. Any ideas? TIA, Bill
  3. Okay, somewhere someone suggested steel wool, and it worked wonders. I am now pleased with them again. Then I backed into a landscape rock, and now one is smashed badly. I am finding oem replacements around $85/ea. Gibson does seem to make a good replacement product, and at a good price compared to oem, but I like how the oem pipes match better the roundedness of the body styling. Thanks to all.
  4. I think I read they are stainless steel. As in, they can be cleaned up. But mine are badly tarnished, and don't seem to be cleaning up.
  5. Nice lead, Bob. I might buy these. Thanks, Bill
  6. I am looking for a good quality, double thickness, slant cut exhaust tip with a quality finish and good warranty. Any ideas? I would have searched, but I can't find the search function! TIA, Bill
  7. Old question, but I am now looking for one as well. TIA, Bill