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  1. As I stated much earlier in this thread. This is a forum for Lexus Lovers not Lexus owners. I'm good with that. Be well my friend!
  2. I'm sorry, I'm no Erin Brochovich. I've moved on with German brand. I've seen media studies on this phenomenon. Vehicle manufacturers acknowledge this happens but do not take any responsibility. I take solace in the fact no one was hurt.
  3. I'm sure the dealer used this opportunity to fleece the insurance company as they determined the glass was a result of a stone chip. The cost of the repair supposedly including the removal of the entire sunroof mechanism because glass had fouled the tracks and needed to be replaced. The interior of the vehicle was covered in glass and had to be disassembled to be cleaned of glass. Sounds like a great opportunity to run up an insurance claim. I can't stress how much glass covered the interior and every nook and cranny. Glad you had a more rewarding experience.
  4. If it was not bad enough that Lexus did not stand behind their product, I had no alternative than to make an insurance claim for the $7K repair and replacement bill. Once a claim is filed on a vehicle it is reported on the vehicle CAE FACTS. This $7K claim significantly lowered the trade in value of the vehicle. That is the first and last Lexus I will ever own. It's unfortunate that the corporation completely ignored this safety hazard, because except for this instance, it was a great reliable vehicle. I've moved on and never turning back.
  5. Paul, I stated it was my fault for not researching features more thoroughly. The car is lovely at first glance and many issues relating to the heat/climate control/defrost and defogger would not be an issue for owners in warmer climates. I also stated that I had no issues with the quality of the vehicle. This forum is designed for Lexus lovers, not necessarily Lexus owners.
  6. That is correct. Apart from the defective sunroof, there are no quality issues. Poor design absolutely, but I am to blame for not paying closer attention to features I was buying. I took it on faith that Lexus engineering and technology was cutting edge. It clearly is not.
  7. I will definitely move onto another vehicle. The sunroof was the first disappointment, but having used the vehicle now through the winter I have found a number of issues which in MY opinion are real design flaws. The instrumentation for the heat/AC system are a series of relative small buttons under the sound system controls. In order to find the specific control, one has to take their eyes off the road to search for the correct button. Once it is found, you have to engage a button to see the mode the system is in and/or the flow of the heat/fan/AC. Otherwise it is hidden under the top of the navigation screen. Essentially, using this set up to regulate the climate in the car is very distracting when you are driving. (I needed to engage the windshield defogger during a snow storm. Locating the defogger button, then manually increasing the fan speed was harrowing when you are caught in a sudden snow squall). The back windshield Defroster only clears a 30 cm strip. Not sure why they would mount the garage door opener/Homelink to the rearview mirror. I guess they want you to reset your mirror every time you get into your car. The seat position should be tied to the individual remote. Having to adjust the position is not a "convenience". Not only is the Navigation system ridiculously complicated and tedious to use, it is so counter intuitive that I just use my phone. The Fuel consumption "App" gives me a minute by minute fluctuation of my fuel consumption from stop sign to stop light, when all I really want to know is what my average km/l is. I have not been able to locate how to reset the average consumption unless I fuel the vehicle (which is not representative if you do not fill the tank to the same point every time). Outfitted with top on the line snow tires, this vehicle is the least maneuverable/stable I've driven for a very long time. So yeah....Nice car, looks good and uses regular gas and is very comfortable. The engineering thought processes of the vehicle reminds me of the old GM products of 25 years ago. Will I keep it? Not for long. Would I recommend Lexus? NO Am I disappointed? YES, I heard so many good things about Lexus. I think that was from days gone by.
  8. The only update is the total cost of the repair was $6589. I paid the $1000 deductible and my vehicle will carry this major insurance claim which will be an issue when I sell this vehicle. Overall, my LEXUS Ownership experience rates a 2/10.
  9. I can assure you I had not been under an overpass, nor was there any other vehicle around. Additionally, had there been any back seat passengers they would have undoubtedly been injured.
  10. I wonder if you would be so cheeky if it was your wife or kid driving the vehicle when it happened.
  11. My husband and I were driving in the early morning when the sunroof exploded. No other vehicles were in any proximity to my car. Not only did the the sunroof explode but the temper of the glass without any protective film sent glass throughout the cabin of the car. Thankfully we both wear glasses which shielded our eyes. In our minds the sunroof had to have been defective and clearly the safety standard was extremely low for this 7 month old vehicle. The dealer insisted that the high winds and rain had to have been a factor that caused the sunroof to flex and ultimately explode and this was not a warranty issue and insurance would have to cover the $7000 + repair. The back windshield was damaged and the trunk lid was scratched as a result of the shattered glass. I am extremely disappointed with the the lack of safety precautions for glass in Lexus vehicles, the lack of warranty coverage for a clearly defective and unsafe product as well as the dealership not stepping up to assist their client in rectifying what could have been a potentially fatal cause for an accident. Thank God I did not purchase the all glass roof model. This design flaw is potentially fatal to occupants in the vehicle.
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