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  1. New Head fixed the CD player but rear speakers still muffled. It turns out my daughters car and the loaner I was given while mine was fixed have the same issue so it is not a LX issue or Head unit issue. I am waiting to hear from the Lexus tech rep on what is the issue. More to come hopefully.
  2. Dealer is putting in a new Head unit Thursday to repair the CD unit which stopped working. Hopefully this will resolve all the issues with the rear speakers.
  3. I going to the dealer tomorrow and will let you know the outcome. The CD player is not working also.
  4. Have a new LX and the rear speakers do not work. I am aware of AMP issues but it usually kills all of the speakers. I have tried all different modes(FM, CD, AUX, BLUETOOTH) and DSP with same issue. Before I head back to the dealer any idea's?