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Will it hurt to go past the 5000 mile maintenance check on a rx450h?

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How many miles will your trip be? Also call your Lexus Service Dealer and pose the question to them. If you really want to be safe put an email question to Lexus and or your Lexus Service manager then you will have written documentation to your question.

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Shouldn’t matter much. Just had mine done at the dealer, they said they don’t change oil due to high zinc content in starter oil. I said I would pay it they thought it would be a good idea to change it, and they Strongly recommended not to.

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I watch the "oil life remaining" in my work truck if it looks like life is about to make it inconvenient to get it serviced at 5k miles. Not a good thing to get in the habit of doing, especially if it's still under warranty.

Oil life remaining is based on the hours the engine has been running so if it's all highway miles at 60mph+ you may show as much as 25% remaining. If that is the case, don't panic and stop in some quicky-lube joint right at 5k where they may not tighten the filter proper and you end up losing oil while driving that vacation trip. 

Sometimes you just have to go a little past the 5000 mile service. Just try not to make a habit of it. 

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I think besides the basic fluid checks at the 5K service, no oil & filter change is done, the most important thing they do is rotate the tires. I would just do my own pre trip check of fluids just to be sure all are up to snuff and go on my trip. The wheel rotation serves two purposes, tire wear and lug nut torque. It would be nice to think the dealer service does in fact use the specified torque guidelines but I honestly doubt they take the time to actually get all the nuts within the spec and probably just use a air hammer to make sure they are all tight. When I got home with our new RX I immediately installs McGuard wheel lug nut locks, one on each wheel. While removing the existing lug nuts I did notice that two of them were rather tight and I had to use a breaker bar to get them lose while the other two were very easy to loosen and remove. That tells me from the factory they had no regard for their own torque specs.

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Ahhh, but one should recheck torque after a trip or two just to make sure that did not happen. Sometimes a stud or two will stretch over time so what was factory correct at first may have become a little loose. If lug nuts are correct a breaker bar should be needed if removing them with a ratchet. Factory spec is pretty snug. 

Depending on stud size the torque spec can be between 70-80 or as much as 135-145 for the larger ones. 70-80 should at least require one to push down on the ratchet with "leg power" to get it started.  Some say recheck torque at 25-50 miles after a tire rotation or other service where wheels were removed and refastened. 

I use a beam torque wrench as it can also tell you if the lug nut was over tightened better than a clicker. The dial torque wrench is best but those are pretty pricey. 

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