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'95 Es300 Aftermarket Headunit, Need Advice

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I own a '95 es300 and am tired of the stock sound system. I'm wondering if there are any aftermarket manufactures who makes any headunits that wouldnt make the dash look too funky. in another words, im looking for a conservative unit that looks sort of OEM.

Any ideas?

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i don't know of anythat aren't very busy or loud looking nowadays

especially one that is going to fit that hole

there is a kit for about $25 that will let you put in any 1 din deck you want

but i guess the only ones that are modest looking and follow the lines are the aftermarket nakamichi decks

or mc intosh

both sound better than any other deck (except about 20 others)and look very plain but are very high end

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the words deal and mc intosh don't go togther

the dealers want top dollar for the product

usually around 1000

try and find a mc intosh dealer near you and see if they have a used one

their are not many mc dealrs to start with

have you see what their decks look like?

very 60's plain styling but have ble lights

and unbelivable sound

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Hey Sk, where can u buy this $25 Kit? i got a 97, and I am gonna put an aftermarket system in, maybe :lol: Also. guys? i want a monitor and dvd player, but EVERYBODY says no... what's your oppinion. i can get an in deck DVD player and im gonna buy a 7" screen to mount myself or stick in the Glove box. Here's the deck im looking at, any Cons??? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...3020189320&rd=1



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www.bossaudio.com <--- Ive seen them around, just never used em myself... tough decisions... If i got a system like this http://www.bossaudio.com/products/dvd.htm#7000 I would still be without my tape deck (hardly use it). Well i got some time to choose because i have to get new brakes and tires, which will drain my cash for a few months.

Maybe Ill make a new thread soon with more sterios to compair. thx


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what i think of that unit is

well you get what you pay for to put it nicely

nuy a p;ay station 2 instead it plays dvd's and you can play games as well if interested in that

boss is very low end flea market products

there is no kit i know of for a 97 and up es

only 92-96

buy a good flip up style head like the aplipe or pioneer ones much better and reliable

of course more $

but then again no one needs a tv in there car they just want it for show

so do it right and do it once

p.s. i also have the alpine flip out screen and a ps2 in mine

but it goes to shows

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Sk you said exactly what i have been thinking, but didn't want to admit. it IS pointless to have a screen unless there is a reason (like driving people long distances, or going to shows). I just want a screen because it looks cool, and i could put NAV on it (like on a BEAUTIFUL Pioneer system i almost bought a few days ago). But it all takes $... Choices, choices :blushing: Well, i still have lots of time because my stereo still works, i just can't see the lcd so i just play CD's and set my preset channes by ear. But if you see a Kit for a 97' let me know :D

Thanks for the help,


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has anyone had experienced hooking up a separate amp and subs onto stock lexus (pioneer) headunit? anyone recommanding doing that or simply change the headunit instead? i heard some people blew out the stock stereos on toyotas doing that. anyone done that on a lexus? if so, how's the sound quality?

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