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Just bought a 2006 RX400h with 200k miles

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I’ve been a Lexus owner for the past 15 years. I currently own a 20012 RX350, a 2000 RX300 and just purchased a 2006 RX400h for my college age daughter to drive. She’s been driving the 2000 RX300 that I’ve owned since 2005. The 2000 has 265,000 miles on it. It’s in the shop for a ignition coil right now, but after I get it back, I’ll be selling it. The engine is great and I’ve done all repairs and oil changes. 

We have not owned a hybrid before but it appears to be quite an amazing vehicle. The 2006 RX400h was a one owner car and I’ve been able to get the Lexus service records. It appears that it’s been well-maintained. My only concern with the 2006 is the 200k miles. Knowing what I know about Lexus, I took a chance with the RX 400h. 
Any thoughts or feedback that could be provided about the 400h with 200k miles would be appreciated. 

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    • By Steve Teske
      I have a long commute and some leg issues that require a fairly upright seating position.  I think the RX400h will work great for me because it’s super comfortable and decent on gas. Oh, and I’m on a tight budget. 
      i’m trying to buy a used RX400h. I’d like to get a 2007, 2008 or 2009 model with a clean history and 100k-150k miles.  
      I could buy from dealerships, but I’d rather make a win-win deal with an owner. 
      For example if a person where to take their RX400h to CARMAX or a dealership they might get $2k-5k. I’d be willing to pay a lot more for the same vehicle. 
      If anyone has a vehicle or knows any forums where I could find sellers I would greatly appreciate it.  
      I live in the Washington DC area.  
      -Thanks, Steve. 
    • By Debra M
      Went on a very long - 4,000 mile - journey for graduation two weeks ago. Drove from Texas to the east coast and back again. In evey non-hybrid car I've had, the mpg rate would always increase with highway driving. No so with the RX 400h (2007). It started out a with a wonderful 27.4 mpg… and kept dropping by tenths as we went along. Now, it has rested at 26.9. I can notice this mpg decrease in my everyday driving. What happened? Can it be improved? I changed the oil and cleaned out the air filter immediately after my return. Does it need a tune up? We've got 95,000 miles on it now. Thanks for your advice.
    • By Jim in MN
      Hi:  New to the forum and hoping to buy an RX400h.  To be honest, I wasn't even considering a Lexus because I figured it was beyond our budget and didn't get the mpg that we need.  But then I came across some things the other night and was quite surprised by what I found.
      The units that I've looked at are in the 2006-2008 range and normally at 100k.  From what I've been able to read here, it seems that the battery system is probably of greatest concern.  Is there a way to test the battery before purchasing -- or is this a crapshoot?  Also, what other things would be important to look at?
      Per our needs:  I live in a small rural community.  Much of my driving includes trips of 20 miles or less one way, though there are plenty of long rides, as well..  I drive about 35k/year.  I need to get at least 25 mpg on hwy.  Am I wrong to think that the RX400h would be a good fit?
      Many thanks,
    • By jehmin
      Is250 2006 150K RWD A960E Transmission
      Started with Transmission Codes after a dealer CSP of carbon cleaning. These two incidents could be completely unrelated. But then again there is evidence of other users with similar instances.
      Initial problems was Torque Converter Problem / VSC which transformed into my car getting stuck in 3rd gear and not going to the higher gears. RPM will be very high. This might be called a limp or safe mode to allow the car to drive. Codes P2757 and P0761
      After much reading . I changed TCC and SLU solenoids along with a ATF filter and fluid change. Enough to get the color to change from black to something more red. Parts 35210-50010 (SL1/TCC) and 3528030050 (SLU)
      After the replacement car shifted smoother and the Torque converter code went away. But still not going out of 3rd sometimes. Code changed to
      P2714 and P0761 Solenoid C stuck off
      Iv checked the resistance of each solenoid and it was within the literature value of a certain Manuel or about 0.2 Ohms higher than high operating value. I thought this was ok? As the new part I got for the TCC was also 0.2 higher. I also used techstream to command each solenoid to perform. In most cases I can hear a faint sound when each is activated. Wish it has the pressure value of each solenoid ( I couldn’t find it on my version of TS)
      The only other steps outside of a new transmission would be ( none of which were said to be a definitive solution)
      Change transmission wire? ( how would one check this to know if its ok?)
      Replace Solenoid C 3524050030
      Replace SLT 3529034010
      Update Calibrations for transmission ( My dealer will not offer this said it won’t do anything)
      Does anyone have experience with these issues or have a solution?
    • By jabowsi
      Hi All, Tought I would show the reliability of these great cars.
      My RX400h SE-L is still in great shape and still on the same Hybrid battery from new!
      It's been serviced by Lexus Dealer twice a year for it's entire life so far.
      Current mileage just about to go up to 250.000
      Can any one else add to the list of 200.000 mile RX models?

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