Near MINT '95 LS400 - value?

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Hi all.  It has been a long time since I last posted here or owned a LS400.  I sold my '91 back in 2010 and havent been around here since.  😞 I have owned several cars since and have ran across a '95 LS400 that is stunning.  It has 142k miles, but it looks like it has 4,200 miles - literally.  Engine as clean as a pin.  All service up to date, new timing belt, etc.  They are asking $5,000 which is $2,000 above KBB private party in excellent condition.  I know you really cannot go by KBB on an older car, but wondering what the true value is on a car like this?  I am sure there is not another '95 LS this close to me within 200 miles.   I really need to sell a car to make room for this one, but I think would make a perfect work car as opposed to my '04 Sequoia which I would only use for trips.  Thoughts?  

1995 Lexus LS 3.jpg

1995 Lexus LS 2.jpg

1995 Lexus LS 1.jpg

1995 Lexus LS 4.jpg

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Welcome back!

It certainly looks like a very clean, well looked after example....sometimes worth paying a little bit more for a good one

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It looks clean but  would have someone check out the undercarriage and suspension before I twice as much as KBB.

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