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Aftermarket Stereo Install Sc400

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I used the search function and have been searching through old posts for the last couple of days, and the other day I saw a post that had a link to someone who is selling a center dash piece to cover the hole when the stock head unit is removed.

My SC did not come with a stereo and I am planning to start the build up but I can not find the link back to the guy selling this piece, any help by anybody who may remember this link or know the link would be greatly appreciated.


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don't know who might be selling a face-plate today. Most of us have a custom face-plate that we've either built or had built. If you've already checked out the Audio/video and buy and sell forums I would suggest looking on the Web, especially on Ebay?

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I saw in a post a link to someone selling this piece on this site.

My installer is getting ready to do the stereo we just thought

this might be easier if we had something to start with.

If I cant find the piece we are making

a custom fiberglass center piece with a pocket and

shaving the volume know to the left to make it look cleaner.

I will take pics when done. But if any one remembers seeing this

link please post it up.

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I just bought that peice its a verrrrrrrrrrrry cheap piece of plastic. Not to discourage you plus you need to cut it as you see fit.

BUT it is the only thing out right now. So i guess its all you can use unless you customize it yourself

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Theodore - even though it is low quality, does the texture match the rest of the dash? the picture on their site looks like it's a pretty close match to stock. Also, what do you mean by cheap? does it feel like it's gonna break in half? It shouldn't have to support any load from the head unit, so it shouldn't be a problem, hopefully, or is it really that bad? Do you have any pictures posted?

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OK, Heres the deal with the dash inserts.

- The match is almost perfect with the dash. It wouldnt be in my car if it wasnt.

- The thickness is more than enough for what its designed to do.

The problem is when people are trying to save a buck and use this piece as a short-cut by trying to use it as a MOUNTING KIT. It is NOT a mounting kit and not advertised as one.....Stop cutting corners and have your deck installed properly and then use the Dash insert finishing piece.

The reason for the compalaint is because someone is trying to use it for something its not designed for. Keep cutting corners and you'll wake up with a POS in your driveway one morning. :(

- The reason why customers have to cut it is because we are not mind readers and have no idea what you are trying to install in your car: Din, Half-Din,Double-Din,Din-and-a-half, 2 din decks. single din with Gauges or what Ive done: VGA Touch screen. B)

Some people want their decks at the top,middle or bottom :blink: We took care of the hard work.

Design concept was:

1- To design a cosmetic piece that will fill the void after removing a stock deck.

2- Make the piece VERY user friendly by using custom materials that will adapt to the look and feel of the surrounding dash pieces.

3- User friendly, so that a home installer will be able to cut it with a Dremel

4- Priced so that it will cut your custom labor in half if taken to a shop.

I think someone posted that they cracked it in half.....Id bet my car that they're lying thru their teeth :D

The piece is made of impact resistant material so that you'd be able to cut it and never have to worry about 'chipping' it or having it 'crack' when using a dull simply wont crack in half. My VGA screen is supported by the insert alone. We have tested LCD screens, Autometer gauges (a lot of them) as well and will give the OK to just use the insert with no other bracing required....They're not that thin :whistles:

I have an actual mounting kit that was developed to use along with the Inserts its been in use for over a year now and was supposed to be one of the parts released when the site was finished.

Anyone that knows of my car, knows that it has parts that are not even sold ANY company. Suspension, Electronics, Cosmetics that I still see 'It would be cool if..." threads.

The design of everything was my personal love for the car. The parts were designed by me and for me.

Why am I posting this?

I got few emails in one of my personal accounts, A few more in my other personal account, In total about 20 emails in my private Email accounts including my Yahoo group. So I check the business email accounts (3) and the same emails were there as well: All reading the same thing "WHATS UP WITH MY ORDER..Blah,blah,blah?!?!" all from the same person, the same day!!

pretty upset.

So I call down on the phone and start bitching at the Manager as to why this person didnt get their part......

Come to find out this guy had just ordered THE DAY BEFORE!!

That was the straw that broke the camels back. I ordered the production stopped and remaining stock sold on all SC parts.

People who have visited (The site) know that the site was under construction and was only held back by us trying to switch credit card companies, new shopping cart system, product images, etc...

Some people have seen under my hood and trunk as well as new interior pix and have an idea of what was coming. B) Those pix are over a year old, so its safe to assume that we were developing when time permitted. ;)

We've been offered free advertising space by the largest to the smallest Lexus forums online but have turned it down.

At some part we didnt make it clear that this was NOT a job for any of us. I for one dont need the money or my car wouldve been whored out years ago.

I am not and will not develop ANYTHING for this car (anymore) to be sold.

No more custom work ( Lex Luthor is the last SC owner getting custom work)

There are parts sitting around that I dont care if they are sold or not. Please do not ask (no matter who you are) for them or to buy them...please dont, I dont want to say no to you.....but I will. :(

Dont get me wrong: Im not mad at anyone, its just not worth my time to do R&D, build custom stuff outside of my own car.

Plus, we're gonna lease our facility to a Viper Team this summer (I think) that comes in and uses the our tooling on a regular basis.

canadianSC: Theres one left thats in a display case here (in tha Lab) for pictures.... Email me and I'll send it to you at no cost. :unsure:

From here-on-out im just 'Average Joe' with an SC400, nothing more, nothing less.:cheers:


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Sorry to hear that Em. I understand your position completely. I can't say I know how you feel but I can relate - probably not with the car thing because I never got to get into the scene as much as you and yours. I'll remove the plug for your services on my OS page just in case. I do appreciate the parts I've received in the past.

There is no satisfying 100% of the poeple 100% of the time. I know I myself flew off the handle on the CF hood thing. Perspective is goofy. I just don't know anymore myself.

Regardless, best of luck... sounds like you guys have a plan... just how much tooling do you have? A fully outfitted facility for lay-up and molding and race shop as well or what?

I just wonder sometimes how some guys get the hook-ups and others don't when they take the same route... It's all timing I guess. Or is it presentation?

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Full facility: Huge Autoclave,small paint booth (under constructon), wet-layup,molding, Broken Laser, the Chopper gun (Im strongly against these) is still there i think as well. I dont know how to use all of the stuff yet but go in from time to time to pick up a few tricks or build sumthin for one of the cars.

cool thing is that most of it was in the building when we purchased it... I wasnt into Import cars so I didnt think twice about the stuff being there...only that I was *BLEEP*ed that the previous people didnt/couldnt move it out. I actually gave away a lot of welding equipment when the building was first purchased and a lot of other stuff that id like to have back LoL!!!

Part of the upper building was renovated into an 'Apartment' because everyone would hang out and work on their cars.

There are 2 outside teams that use the place for a week or so at a time...which sucks cause I cant stay there when they're there and Ive put a lot of work into making it 'home-like' over looking a very big garage :(

It's more of a private club than anything else (AKA "Tha Lab" ) since its only our friends that come by and we're not open to the public. WE've kicked the idea of opening another shop for customers but I dont think theres time in everyones life R'now to do it.....Id love to, but I cant do it alone.

Timing is everything. There are times when emails go unanswered because we've gotten in over our heads doing contract stuff....which is why we're thinking about leasing out to the Viper/Dodge team that builds stuff there.

Timing is everything.....nothing else. :)

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No prob. Friends call me AJ. Full autoclave!!!!!! So that's how you made that CF hood. And molding facility, with injection molding machines? And they just left the stuff there!!!??? AMAZING!! I would have been all over that too. I had no idea that was the set-up. I went to college on a scholarship for plastics engineering. That would be a dream come true for me. I hope you keep that set-up and at least use it to the fullest potential for yourselves. Let me know if I can do anything in the future. That is really cool the facility generates income from team rental...

I know how it gets when business gets thick... deadlines... I have uppermanagement to worry about. It's always extremely difficult being the only force to make results.

[Mental note]*start saving for really big garage*[/Mental note]...

Keep it sideways... ;)

Thanks for the support, come on back any time. I'm sure you could edumacate some of us hilljacks as well... :blushing:

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