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  1. Revlis great work i made a similar custom mount but i fit a pioneer 10 inch free air in that space. It sounded good but after sealing it up and then dynamating the back it got better. My i also recomend the one peice that totaly changed the way my sub worked. AN EPI-CENTER. that tghing is like an equalizer for your sub can adjust the width of the bass. I highly highly recomend it makes the bass so much more deep and as loud. good work though
  2. anybody see the old movie "Christine" watch that movie and ull solve your problem. lol
  3. i added coolant and it stays in that little container in the front, it doesnt pump through the radiator it stays in the reserve. And today the bogging got more intense does it pretty much through out driving the car, not as noticable at higher rpms though. Anyone know how to get that antifreeze pumping through the radiator or do i have to toatlly flush out the old anti freeze from the radiator???????????
  4. so im driving home and the temp gauge started going hot, middle hot middle. and before that there was alot of heat comming outta the car on the inside from all over. Also iv had that dam radiator light going on and off, also i dont know if this has anything to do with it but there is bogging out when taking off. someone reply i need answers. scared to drive it maybe it will overheat..............
  5. it keeps comming on. wtf. dont know wat to do, plus noticed alot of heat cooming in the car. dont know if its normal. temp gauge is normal though any feed back?
  6. i had the same probl;em on turns the gas would shift to the left and right and it wouldnt pull, but mine is a 92, ur 99 shouldnt have that problem, but stuff breaks, try it again with a full tank of gas first, if it only does it when ur ha;f way ur needle can be broken and the level in ur tank messed up. i would test that out first
  7. u can keep refilling it or use a conditioner, but it will eventually break. mine did.
  8. okay first for removal. you have to remove the rear seats. 1. remove the lower part of the rear seat pull it upwards it is not screwd down it is cliped down then pull it toward you it should slide right out. 2. now get a rachet set and unscrew 3 screws one left middle and right side. 3. pull the seatbelts over the seat and pull it outta the car. 4. now the top cover is clipped down with clips in the front and back be carefull pulling it out. 5. now ur speakers r exposed. unscrew the bad one and check the clips. it most lickely is not a lose wire and it is blown u can replace them with 4 inch speakers, 6. the opening is big enough for a 6 1/2 inch speaker so u can upgrade sizes for better quality. also there are 2 peices of metal on the rear deck that come out the have giant X's stamped on them u can pop those out to stick ur hand threw incase u have a problem unscrewing or mounting the new ones. you really dont need to go into the trunk. Thats it. good luck.
  9. does anyone know a place in NYC to get this kinda work done, all u california people have it good out there with friendly knowledgable people to work on ur car. NYC sucks every mechanic here is out to jerk u.....
  10. i changed the bushings and iot stopped, control arms bushings and stabalizer. But i did also get new tires same time. Sooooooooooooo. Get the Daizen Bushings for the control arms there only 185 bucks for the front, ur car defintly needs them anyways with 108k on it.
  11. The best way to ddescribe it is lately when u hit the gas lite or soft u hear a boggging sound, kinda like its spitting out air with gaps init. I think its an exgahust problem but not shure. Once u pass 2 or 3k rpms the problem goes away. Anyone have this problem or have an answer?
  12. i had the best guy but he got another job, my current mechanic is pretty good and very fast, reasnoable too. not a big shop, very average joe, but gets the job done great. Hes on northern Blvd and 150th Street in Queens on the corner.
  13. it all depends on the money. BUT DO NOT RECONE. If you want you can just do everything in stages. First replace the speakers. With a bigger size the 4 inch, 6 1/2 will do. Then Change the radio, amps etc. To redo the whole thing is a project in its self. But its all up to ur own ear.
  14. the ride is good. i do get a lub on the front tires but thats only on big bumps. The reson being i didnt go with the adjustable tokicos. (heard those are really tough even at low settings) but overall ride quality is amazing. doesnt hop to much i expected worse. I was always scethy about suspenison cause alot of cars iv been in didnt feel good, but ride is improve drastic, and handling is great. Let me warn u though it costed a pretty penny between install past and tires, it ran me about 2400. The bushings made a big difference too, Soooooo Smooooooooothhhhhh
  15. I just put on all the final works to my suspension, 1. Daizen bushings front upper control arms 2. Daizen Bushings Front Lower Control Arms 3. Daizen Stabalizer Bar Bushings Front / Back 4. New Stablizer Links 5. Eibach Springs 6. Tokico Shocks 7. Upper Strut Tower Bar Now the car is glued to the floor. and perfect handling. I dont know about other sc400s but my handling and drive was just not smooth at all.
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