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  1. jakino, I'm interested. What's your phone number. I'm also in Hawaii. ← call me at 265-9252. also have injen intake and 19' rims the one in the pic. kino
  2. I have one for sale everything is working let me know if you need it. jakino
  3. I have a extra one sitting in my room if you need it let me know. Everything is working, will to let it go for the right price.
  4. Did this on my 95 SC400 before it was wrecked. Aftermarket cost was $130 after core and $125 for labor. If you do your oil changes someplace that doesn't know Lexus make sure they top it off with the correct fluid. What I found is that many times they put in power steering fluid instead of ATF which causes it to leak due to different viscocity. ← use only the factory parts in the long run it will be better. and take everything apart slowly and if you have to draw pics. to remind your self where everything goes, its not that hard take you time and look at everything it should not take you more then one day, takes me one hours at the most to change out the pump and hoses. remember the factory part will be better in the long run. I stand by that. and use aft with dextron. Kino
  5. Not kidding at all. I've done Mazda 929 multiple time, BMW 740IL and several Passata, and they are all different. Looking for some guidance on RX300 - mainly which bolts to remove, what to torque them to, and any other idisyncrasies I should be aware of before I start. Just jack up the car and look at it its really easy. half hour at the most. just to change out. but its better if you resurface the rotors first.
  6. http://www.tmengineering.net but your best bet is to change out the whole control arm. because if you only change out the bushings then the ball joints might go out after, and you don't want to that to happen right.
  7. use a pocket screwdriver and a pannel puller
  8. are you still having probs with the drivers side seat. let me know because I have a drivers side seat adn the memory switch for sale if you want it let me know. also the door panel is easy to open. o yea have cup holders for sale also. the one in the dash and the one in the center consel. and a a/c controler. and rendom parts for the sc's Let me know Jakino
  9. I still got the wood for the door. sold the vents let me know if you want it and how much you are willing to spend. no low blows ok. these are hard to find and I have all the drivers side door adn one the longer price for the passanger side door. Also the one above the air bag. let me know. also the kits fo for about 200. try checking ebay. Jakino
  10. I am looking for 1500 for mine tires are only one month old kumho's 19' axis hagens
  11. everything is gone. sold in the trash. thanks
  12. go with the IS300 or GS 400-430 stock wheels they look good.
  13. I think I still have mine let me check adn how much are you will to spend. let me know. kino
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