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Diminished Forum Activity ?

RX in NC

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I was an active member of this forum from 2003 until 2012 when my wife first owned a 2000 RX300 and later a 2004 RX330.  She is now considering a 2015 RX350 so I signed in today for the first time in many years to bring myself up to speed on the pros and cons of these vehicles.  I was stunned to see the lack of forum activity here compared to a decade ago and I have to wonder what happened.  

Where is the current best forum to educate myself on the 2015 model and the DIY maintenance I expect to perform if we purchase one?

Thanks for any recommendations you can provide.


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Hi Jon....welcome back to the Forum

Unfortunately, it has gone quiet on here....generally the same on a lot of Forums, social media has taken over and most users have gone there instead 😞
This hopefully will be a short-term dip as there is not a proper search facility in a lot of the social media sites so not good for storing information that can be archived and sourced when needs be, such as with a Forum.

The UK version of this site can be a great source of current information, along with archived information on all Lexus models so would be worth you dropping in to research your RX350https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/forum/47-rx-300-rx-350-rx-400h-rx-200t-rx-450h-club/

Best Regards,  Trevor

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lenore . It would be great to see some of the dialogue taking place as it used to but I think it may be that Social Media has taken over discussions that used to occur on Forums.

I also think that the members will return eventually as platforms like Facebook cannot archive and search the same as a Forum so if you need the answers then there's only one place to go really.

Good to see you're still on here though 🙂



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Social media influence or not, there are still some great automotive forums on the net.  We have owned a couple of Jaguars since December 2008 and I can easily say that jaguarforums.com remains the best automotive forum I have ever utilized.  We have also owned a Subaru since November 2015 and I can say that subaruoutback.org is also a good forum.  So when automotive forums start becoming a ghost town, there have to be other reasons besides social media.

By the way, we indeed purchased the 2015 RX350 my wife was considering.  It will assume the role of her daily driver.

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2005 Jaguar S-Type 3.0 sedan.  Purchased in December 2008 at 18,000 miles and sold in May 2018 at 107,000 miles.

2006 Jaguar XK8 Victory Edition convertible.  Purchased in February 2012 at 36,000 miles and we still own it today as it approaches 118,000 miles.

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