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  1. Try "Club Lexus" RX350 forum. It's pretty active. Agree that this forum is almost dead.
  2. Your response is a absolutely fantastic example of how poor a program Enform actually is. It's not "odd" that bad things happen, it's poor software engineering combined with insufficient testing. These "issues" simply should not happen, but are caused by creeping requirements change, shortened development schedules, and a lack of good software design skills, a lack of validation and verification of the requirements, and poor management. Lastly, when issues do arise, the consumer should have resources immediately available to assist, not depend on the response of folks on forums like this, who may or may not know how to fix the issue(s). Enform is poor quality software, and THAT is why it fails.
  3. Given that Enform is such a pile of junk, I'm not surprised that things don't function consistently.
  4. If you can keep the mice out of your garage, they won't get in the car. When we first moved into our current house, there were lots of mice around. Several years of trapping & poisoning them finally eliminated the problem, but I must have caught/killed a couple hundred of them. Not fun, but I felt my efforts were necessary so we didn't have problems like yours. Mice love cars, they're warm, and if the mice are hungry they eat the wiring. You need to eliminate the source.
  5. We usually try to use "ethanol-free" gas, but it's hard to find, and expensive. Trust me, your RX will run just fine on 87 octane gas, but I would be more concerned about the dismal mileage numbers you're getting. Our 2015 gets 24-26 at 65-75 mph. BTW- the V6 in the RX is the same V6 in the Camry & the Highlander, but it's not the same as the truck engines.
  6. Our 2015 with 30K miles gets 24-26 at 65-75 mph, but there are MANY variables that have to be considered, such as: outside temperature, how heavy your right foot is, is the AC on, how much slowing/accelerating due to traffic, how much ethanol in the gas you use (15% ethanol = 15% worse mileage), etc. I'm sure there are more things to consider. You get the idea.
  7. The RX seats are VENTILATED, not cooled or air conditioned. The fan pulls ambient air from beneath the seat. That's it in a nut shell. On another forum, there was a long thread about folks fabricating duct work to re-direct the air coming from the rear seat floor vents to the seat fans to draw in cooler air. They had some limited success, but had to remove the seats several times to get the duct work to work best.
  8. I believe the alarm will sound if someone successfully opens a door without unlocking the door using the fob. Like breaking a window or using a jimmy tool. I think you can verify by rolling down a window, then put your fob away, but nearby. Then open the door by reaching through the open window and using the interior latch. I don't think there's any type of motion detection. Push the "Panic" button on your fob to see how it sounds. I believe it just honks the horn, but may keep honking until you shut it off. Again, check your Owner's Manual to verify alarm operation.
  9. Trying installing a new battery in the fob (consult your Owner's manual). It's not difficult. If that doesn't work, it may be time for a trip to the dealer.
  10. Hey, it's your car. The car is 8 years old, so there's no factory warranty to worry about any more. I would research what service would be performed at 60K miles and decide whether it's a decent value. $600-800 is a bucket of cash to spend is all they do is "inspect" a variety of things. I'm looking at the 30K service for our 2015 and noticed that most of what is done is inspecting stuff. Likely have to get it done to keep the warranty valid though.
  11. The LX and GX are trucks, with a huge amount of ground clearance, low range transfer cases, and plenty of skid plates. The RX is essentially a car platform with AWD, and no skid plates. That said, you need to define what you mean by off-road. If all you intend to do is drive on gravel roads, the RX will perform fine. BUT, should you want to take your RX to Moab, UT and try some of the rocky trails, your RX may get seriously damaged. Lots of BIG rocks, with no undercarriage protection. That's both ends of the spectrum, but you get the idea.
  12. Well, IMHO, if Lexus considers this blanking of the display to be a feature, someone in Lexus Engineering needs to be given some serious lessons in customer feedback. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Again, it should be something that can be changed via customization.
  13. Yep, first trip we took using CC in our (new to us) 2010, I set the CC and the screen went dark except for the tiny "set" in the corner. Pushing down (or up?) on the "Enter" button/lever restored my previous display. Most obnoxious, distracting & stupid. Makes me wonder if Lexus engineers ever test or try their designs before releasing them to manufacturing. Seems like a minor firmware fix would correct this problem. Or, use the "customization" feature to give us the option of a dark screen or not.
  14. I would recommend visiting some tire stores that carry several well-known brands of tires and asking them what they would recommend. Also, visit some additional Lexus forms and the Tire Rack reviews. Personally, I prefer Michelins and have used them on multiple vehicles. They have always worn VERY well and have good traction in rain & snowy conditions. I also feel that a light-truck tire, like the Michelin LTX/MS-2 might be a possible option, provided it comes in the appropriate size(s).
  15. Yes, changing to a tire with a higher/taller sidewall will definitely improve the ride of your RX. However, to really get some noticeable improvement, you will need to switch to 18" wheels, or even 17" wheels, as your 19s just won't allow a large enough tire to make much of a difference. Re: the stiffer suspension. We currently own a 2008 ES350, and in a failed attempt to trade it for a 2011 RX 350 recently, we took the RX for a longish test drive. I immediately noticed that the RX suspension was much firmer/stiffer than our ES. But, the flip-side is that the RX handled pretty nicely for a SUV. Not much lean in the corners--compared to the ES--but definitely NOT car-like. It seemed more truck-like to me, but a good-handling truck.