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What brand spark plugs and how much for labor?


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I have the 2009 model which needs new spark plugs. Which brand do you recommend: Denso, NGK or Bosch?

Also, what is the fair labor cost by a mechanic if I provide the parts? DIY looks way too difficult for me.
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First off, you're in the wrong Forum. Click on the upper left title "Forums" and then scroll down the page to the SC Forum section. You may get more responses there to any of your further questions.

Your car came from the factory with iridium spark plugs, usually NGK's. As for their costs, check around your local area..

Any good independent mechanic can change them for you if they're familiar with working on Camry's. And yes, its a pain to have to pull the throttle body and intake manifold in order to get at the back three plugs at the firewall. As for price, that's controlled by local pricing in your area (I'm in Canada), so check around.

Hint: Most mechanics take a very dim view of customers who expect them to install parts the customer has supplied. Most mechanics can buy the parts at wholesale, which  a private person cannot. He then sells them to you at retail, which is exactly what you would have to pay for them if you bought them from the store. So you basically are preventing the mechanic from receiving the 15% or so he would make on the parts if he supplies them, even though there is no savings to you either way. So, let him buy the parts, rather than pi** him off, but be sure to tell him which plugs you prefer.

That changes of course when you buy specialty parts that you had to source from say a speed shop in California, something the mechanic couldn't source locally at wholesale. It pays to keep a good mechanic happy for the next time you need his help, particularly in an emergency. I have even tipped my mechanic with a case of his favourite beer. It sure helps  me to get an earlier place in the lineup for the next time I'll need his services. Good Luck!

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