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  1. Oops. Not sure why my profile said SC. Corrected to ES350.😊
  2. I have the 2009 model which needs new spark plugs. Which brand do you recommend: Denso, NGK or Bosch? Also, what is the fair labor cost by a mechanic if I provide the parts? DIY looks way too difficult for me.
  3. I have a 2009 model black. I'm trying do some touch up jobs. How do I find out what paint color #?
  4. My 2009 just hit 120K miles (75% high way). Other than regular oil changes, it has not received any major maintenance since the 30K service from the dealer.Please help me with a list of things I should get done (ie which fluids to change, tuneup, etc).Thank you so much!
  5. 2009 Lexus ES350 Got a brake job for all wheels yesterday. Front wheels included new rotors and back ones for pads only. Went to my trusty mechanic and paid $520. Was this a fair deal?
  6. no I have to program the 2nd set ot tpms. but how do i do it w/o going to the dealer?
  7. Last night, I changed to winter wheels and drove today with no problem. Just now one the way home, the low tire pressure warning light blinked for a minute and remained on. I checked the tire pressure and all 4 tires are even at 35psi. What can be wrong here? I tightened all wheels properly at 76 ft/lb using a torque wrench.
  8. Clearance came out tighter than actual in these photos. Tire size are identical to the original.
  9. I just changed to winter tires on my '09 ES350 and noticed that the strut is only about an 1.5" directly above the inside edge of the tire. Please see the photo and tell me if this is normal. FYI, winter tire is 17" and all specs are identical to the orginal. Thank you.
  10. Yesterday, I came back from work to see that our garage door was left open all day then in the middle of the night, I saw that it was opened again. Luckily, nothing was taken from our garage. When I checked the homelink button, it was jammed in (stuck) which most likely is causing this. When I tested the button, it keeps getting stuck. How do I fix this?
  11. I can't open it by lightly pushing on it anymore. I have to force it open by pressing the back part. Spring action is gone. I made sure nothing is jammed in there. Is there anything I can do to fix it and is this covered under a warranty?
  12. 2009 ES 350 Battery was low on my key so I had to flip the little cover open to use the key. I thought I put it back but it's missing. I've been searching all over the on the internet and browsing thru old posts but can't seem to find where to buy it from before I contact the dealer. Does anyone know where I can buy it or the part#? Thanks.
  13. 2009 ES350 When I'm entering the address or telephone of the destination, the screeen freezes if I pause for too long. Same thing happens with bluetooth system. Unless I enter the phone number without long pauses, screen freezes. I then have to go back to menu and start over after a few minutes. Is this normal?
  14. When I turn on the seat cooler, I only feel the cool air coming out from the seat cushion not the backrest. Is this normal?
  15. I'm not sure if your pulling our leg or not, but this is a bad idea and no, it won't work. First of all, your sales person is wrong. The upper octane rating is 91. I suppose it may vary by region, but in my travels I have never come across a pump with 90 octane unleaded. Usually there are the standard three grades; 87-89-91 octane. Secondly, many of us use 89 or in the case of a 2010 ES, even 87 octane without engine knock or other problems. Trying to mix two grades of gas to end up with a totally different grade is insane. Paul No, I don't think we're on the same page. Sales guy did sa
  16. Back to the subject on the octane, I just bought a 2009 ES350 and the sales guy said the required octane is 90. So say I put in half 87 and half 93, what is the guarantee that it'd be mixed properly to produce that exact 90?
  17. I always refer to the manual first then if I can't find an answer, I try it here.
  18. Only way I can pull it out is with a neednose plier. On my other cars, I can easily pull them out using my fingers.
  19. 2009 ES350 w/Navigation How do you control the vent in rear seating? I turned the heat on to about 74 then opened the vent all the way in the rear but I feel very little warm air.
  20. Yup same in 2009 according the manual. Thanks.
  21. I just bought a 2009 ES350 and the cigarette lighter does not work so I assuming the fuse's bad. My other car has spare fuses in the fusebox but I don't see any for this car. Does anyone know if there are spares ones somewhere in this car?
  22. I just bought a black 2009 ES350. Does anyone know where I can buy a hood stone reflector?
  23. I need to replace the foglights as well as the rear license plate lights. Can anyone tell me how to get to the bulbs?
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