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  1. Thank you, I think I’ll end up going that route! Just have to put up the cash.
  2. Hello everyone, I’m new GX owner, and unfortunately I kind of regret it... Long story short, I bought the vehicle from a used dealer, and it had a bad O-ring seal between the actuator and the T case. But, I did not discover this until about 400 miles later, I noticed grinding coming from the center console. I drained the T case and all that come out was a small about of oil and metal shavings. After filling it, it still made the grinding/ratcheting noise. The dealer owned up and fixed the leak, but told me not to worry about the noise. Fast forward about 3 months and the Lexus dealer wants $4600 to service the T case, and no local mechanics will work on it because it requires “specialty tools.” At this point I feel stupid going back this late to the dealer and asking them to repair the issue they caused. However, there are after market kits available or used T cases ($200 and $2000 respectively). If you were in my shoes, what would you do? The truck is drivable, but I bought it because I wanted a bullet proof rig! I appreciate any help!
  3. Long story short... I picked up a 2004 GX470 from a used dealership with 122k. I drove if for about 2 weeks before I noticed a grinding noise coming from the T case. I decided to drain it and there was no oil— turned out to be an O-ring actuator leak. I refilled it with oil and it still made the new grinding/howling noise at speed (35mph+). The dealer bit the bullet and replaced the O-ring and told me that the noise was normal (which I know is not normal). I’m taking it to the local Lexus dealer b/c no smaller shops in my town rebuild these T-cases or install them. I’m worried that the dealer will want to charge thousands to do the work, but I want the peace of mind about having a solid vehicle. It has been about 3 months since I bought the thing. Does anyone know if I have any right to go back to the salesman and ask them to pay for repairs b/c the issue was caused by them? If not, what is the most cost effective way to go about getting it fixed? Thanks!