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  1. I google searched “Hunter (brand) road force wheel balance machine” and found the contact info for the “Hunter” brand, and emailed the local rep, who emailed me back on a Saturday morning with a partial list of shops in the Twin Cities who operated their “load bearing” wheel balancing machines. I was already 5+ calls into local tire shops and found two that verified they had this specific machine, 4 wheel balancing ranged from $59 to $89 plus tax. Some shops never even heard of the technology, or machine. I kept calling because I wanted to find a shop within 10-30 minutes from my home, and
  2. Thank you for taking the time to post and help me with my issue of steering wheel shake/shimmy.
  3. I test drove two 2006 Lexus GX470s, a 2013 GX460, a 2004 Lexus GX470, all with 135k to 225k miles and they all had some sort of shimmy/shake to their steering wheels. I then drove 2.5 hours North to private sale 2004 GX470 with 172k miles, and it drove fantastic with only little-to-no shakes, with only mild steering shake during medium to heavy braking. I was impressed and bought it! The next day my neighborhood mechanic changed out the front rotors and installed ceramic brake pads, changed the driver’s side (front, yes I know there are only “front”) CV axels, replaced the motor and ca
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