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I have a 2005 GX470 with ~165,000 miles and My height conntrol suspension air compressor just stopped working. I is the Original compressor. I was replacing my airbags springs because they were leaky and everything was going well but when i tried inflating the new bags, one of my air lines poped out (on the bag side). The car dropped pretty quickly and i shut it off. since then I havent been able to get the compressor to even turn on. Its getting power still. I have the car up on jacks still, and when i try and adjust ride hight, the indicators on the dash light up and change positions, but no compressor action. Did I kill the compressor? 

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Not sure if your compressor is shot. There appears to be many issues with the system in a lot of older Lexus that have the air-ride. If it is kaput, a new compressor from online Lexus parts is more than $2200 (ouch). One popular thing I've seen is to convert from air to a regular suspension. 

2005 Lexus GX 470 Air Suspension Conversion Kits | Struts | Suspension – Strutmasters

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I found an aftermarket compressor for $160 which im going to installing, If it doesnt work i would seriously consider getting rid of the air suspension and putting in some 4runner springs. Do you know if it affects resale?

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