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  1. Besides the issues hooking into the OE nav screen, wiring it to the trunk lid is "interesting" since it has a wire loom reel.
  2. Located Central NJ, but I can ship. Works fine, just want to see if anyone needs one instead of trashing it. $25 + shipping.
  3. I've done both front doors, as they both eventually died. I used a $170 replacement on eBay, but it looks like you can just replace the electric motor for a lot less according to another poster above. It only takes a couple hours. Hardest part is wiggling the assembly out of the door. What I can recall from memory: Remove the door panel (I've seen other how-tos on doing this) and weather shield Remove 2-3 bolts holding the actuator assembly to the door frame Remove the 3 bolts holding the jamb on Reach up in the door and disconnect the outer door handle Disconnect the electrical harness Wiggle the entire assembly out
  4. I use Mobile 1 10W-30 every 10k, and have done oil analysis to ensure the oil still has life left at that interval, which it does.