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I just have one question for everyone on this forum. Isn't this forum supposed to be a helping tool for everyone to learn more about their vehicles. I'm new here and really into buying a Lexus, but unfortunately there must be "clicks" on this forum that certain new guys cannot be a part of. I find it funny that a "regular" can ask a dumb question and 20 people will respond but if your new with an advice question, no one will reply. Not everyone gets a car from their rich parents you know; I work for mine. :angry:

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hey blexus400

welcome to the club buddy


what seems to be the problem?

I assume you feel aggrieved that no-one has replied to your thread asking for advice on buying a GS400

Clearly you feel you are being ignored, but I honestly do not think this is the case.

I do not think that there are any cliques here, not helping you out - you may just have been unfortunate in that your thread has got a bit lost in the traffic.

Tell you what my friend - I'll bump your topic up to the top again now, and send a pm to a coupla guys on here who know their way round the GS.

Can't promise they can help - but I'm sure they'll try there best.

would this make you feel better? :magic:

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sorry dude since u asked a question about a gs4 and i don't know much about that model, cus i ahve a gs3 so i didn't want to stick mt 2 cents on something i wasn't sure about. but as far as a gs in general goes, i'd def try autotrader as i've seen many in many colors available but u need to mayb stretch how far u'll go 2 get one. good luck 2 u .

ps great car 300 or 400.

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No hard feelings, since I know that no of that was intentional. I am a car enthusiast and love to talk to people about there rides. I don't want to start off on the wrong foot with anyone here. B) . Thanks for the concern with my "new guy" complex :) , and thanks for help with my question.

Talk to you guys soon,



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