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  1. And on the Aristo, the "L" is replaced by a Toyota emblem
  2. I used the FolaTek kit on my calipers over 2 years / 50,000 miles ago - still perfect
  3. I have greenstuff pads and EBC turbo-broove rotors on the front. I found that using EBC pads on stock lexus rotors wears the pads EXTREMELY quickly. I got through a set of REAR pads in about 6,000 miles. The front ones are still going strong at over 20,000 miles (because they're greenstuff pads on EBC rotors) Hope that makes sense
  4. You should ask your dealer if this is a CBEST setting that can be altered.
  5. I have 140k on my 99 GS and it's still perfect 77K on a LS is barely run in :D
  6. Had exactly the same problem on mine - only when very warm. Gotta be a dry bearing or something I guess.
  7. I'd suggest that you should just replace your speakers first - go to a good audio shop and get the biggest ones that will fit in the holes. As an example, I replaced the stock 4inch speakers on my GS with 6.5 inch ones (and new tweeters). The improvement in sound quality is astonishing - didn't touch the head unit at all (which would have been tricky because of the satnav touch screen)
  8. I had a similar problem on my GS, but the same may apply to a LS. the leak turned out to be in the rack, as someone else said. Although mine couldn't be repaired and cost nearly 2000 bucks to fix, there was a seal kit available for LOADS cheaper which might have worked. You might want to check out whether you can get a seal kit before your part with the cost of a new rack.
  9. I'm looking to get this done - anyone got any pics of a Blue GS with tints please - I want to get a feel for what shade to go for.
  10. Some of these things have a cover on - lever the cover off with a small screwdriver and then pull the grommet out with pliers
  11. Done I've created a new thread called "Grommet Removal"
  12. Easiest way is to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes or so. Make sure that you know your radio code (if you have one) though.
  13. You can temporarily solve this by resetting your ECU. It's not the problem that Trand4 was asking about though. I have a 98GS300 and have not had this problem.
  14. The quietest I've found is the Bridgestone Potenza S03 ;)
  15. I ised the MB Quart components, a matching set of tweeters, woofers and crossovers - Kicker duals in the back. The MBQ tweeters are very bright, you can turn them down a bit on the crossovers - I'd recommend the -6dB setting, but adjust to your own taste obviously. The MB Quart tweets go straight in, and the MB Quart crossovers fit in the door no problem at all. The stock passive crossover is only a VERY small capacitor in the wiring - it's in the door too - just wire it out. I don't have any pics, sorry - hardest part is making the MDF panels and finding the hidden screws on the door panels :D - but the whole thing is really not difficult. Feel free to yell if you need any help
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