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  1. its on the frame of the car when u open the drivers front door. oute rcolor code is the 1st 3 numers and letters b4 the slash which is the interior color code...
  2. i used 2 use maguires polish and canuba wax but i started 2 use there new line call nxt and man i am just in love. goes on so easy and comes off just as easy, combined with there spray wax inbetween its easy and gives great results.
  3. bolt pattern is 5x114.3 and u a 35 offset is fine but u better go with 245/35/20 sized tires better, the 255 r 2 wide and will rub in the front a little even when undropped especially with a 35 offset....c if they can offer a lower offset like 38-42, i think u'll b better off but 35 is ok if they don't,
  4. i had the same problem and its not the fues, couldn't figure it out, so i just use another socket in the armrest 4 now, not sure if u have.
  5. well on a full tank of gas i got 320miles or so mayb more i get about 300 or so
  6. , 20x8.5 fr. 20x10 rear? hit me up dog!
  7. dude...u'r gonna kill me long b4 u place the order?
  8. trust me if its 4 u'r headlights or fogs and it over 55watts don't do it, b4 i did my hid conversions i had a set of hi watt lights that looked good but than melted my fog wires, b careful, and sorry but i haven't heard about these bulbs either
  9. thanx bro...little by little i try.... steve- thanx again, i'm kinda leaning 2 staying on my own with it all, i've been approached a couple times but i guess i want 2 keep it as a hobby, but i appreciate the kind words and offer. :)
  10. sorry i thought u knew it came with the race ecu, set set brings the intake, heatshield, and race ecu....if u r not good with wires like me than have a good shop do the wire connections, and don't drive with the intake without the ecu or vice versa...
  11. 21's can fit but will like neo said look kinda weird, well actually very weird...
  12. i have the SRT intake on my 98gs3 but no way its giveing me 30hp mayb 15-20.. mayb? its not an easy intake 2 get on unless u r good with wires do it coming with a race ecu piggy back that connect into u'r stock ecu....its a great intake, that i can say, i had the weapon-r and it was ok but the srt really gave me a noticable jump from the weapon-r and the sound is just deep and rich...a little on the expensive side but i think its worth it...$550.00 shipped from
  13. i tried 2 pm u but it didn't let me send it, try one of the administrators, mayb they help with whats wrong..
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