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I just received my "Special Service Campaign" letter in the mail for the Lexus NX Brake Hold issue. For those that are not aware or not familiar with the issue, I figured I'd make a video to explain it...

If the video doesn't start after clicking the image below, then click this link:


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8 hours ago, Trevor Catt said:

Unfortunately the video does not play

That's why I put the following sentence in the original post:

If the video doesn't start after clicking the image below, then click this link: 

What browser are you using and what type of computer/device (Windows, Apple, Andriod, iPhone/iPad, Chromebook?)

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    • By Skyshadow07
      Not sure if there is a recall pinned thread or what, if so, please move this for me.
      Anyways, Just case you guys have not been informed. There is a new recall for 06-13 IS350's. It may apply to IS250 as well, I am unsure. The recall is for the fuel pressure sensor. The sensor can leak over time. Your dealership will inform you of this the next time you come in for service, but here is my heads up.
      As you may now, there are many other recalls for our model year and engine. If you have had no recalls done, you really need to get into the dealership. We "Lexus" (Yes, I am affiliated to lexus.. shh) take older engines (4yr+) and return them to Japan to be broken down and analyzed. These recalls do not mean the engines are failing, they just show signs of possible failure to happen.
      There will be a major recall for many dashes around April of this year. All dashes that get slightly sticky in hot weather will be replaced. They are producing replacement dashes right now, why the recall hasn't started yet.
      *Bonus info*
      Lexus plans to turbo charge all sedans by end of 2017. Lexus plans remodel of RX release Nov of 2015. Lexus plans to have wi-fi in all car by end of 2015. Lexus plans to have remote diagnostics by end of 2015.
    • By Returnguru
      I have an '04 RX330 that seems to have something in common with 75% of the RX 330s on the road today. The passenger side mirror is discolored with an amber fluid.
      Yes I know what it is. Somewhere the seal was broken and the fluid which is used to defrost the mirror is either leaking or has been compromised. The local dealer would like to charge me $585 for a new piece of glass. Thank you... no thank you.
      My question is, why has Lexus not recognized this as a systemic problem with this vehicle. Seriously 3 out of 4 RX330s you drive by have this problem with the passenger side mirror. How many vehicle need to have this problem before a recall is issued or considered?
      I called Lexus and was advised that they have no advisory or memos of this as a problem. I hope that call "was recorded for quality assurance purposes."
      How many folks have this problem? Speak up...
      Have you had any success with getting Lexus or the dealer to fix this problem at a cost less than highway robbery?
    • By HyBruce
      Finally took my 2006 400h to the dealership for the recall of the Intelligent Power Module (IPM).
      Since then, I've noticed my gas mileage seems to have gone from about 22-23 miles per gallon to 18-19 miles per gallon.
      When I dropped it off at Lexus I had joked with the service person "since this controls the hybrid system, maybe my fuel economy will improve." Little did I know it might affect it the other way!!
      Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know anything about this?