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  1. About to send them off to a body guy for finish work.
  2. Still no one has found out the thread pitch yet?
  3. I loved the Cali car scene. I had a 06 Evo 9 with stock wheels, no tint, stock bumper, no spoiler,, etc etc. BUT, I had over 500hp on E85. I would destroy !Removed! often.
  4. But, I have went in the shop and stripped down a ISF fender to look. They actually vent straight from a vertical spot, parallel with the wheel direction. kind of a odd set up.
  5. Unfortunately I do not have access to a wind tunnel lol. I SOO wish i did though, for so many other projects as well. Yeah, you are right. Unless it was built in the 70's, has a 600ci motor or is 4x4, people do little modding here. Especially not for looks/aero. Everyone thinks power is the answer all
  6. This is performance, Hear me out. Aero is performance right? Here's your answer. http://auto-racing.speedtv.com/artic...on-prototypes/ Quote: ... Louvers are used over the fenders of sportscars to relive high pressure that builds up from the fast spinning tire, and from the complex interaction of air flowing in, out, and through the wheel arch. The general rule is the more air you can extract from the wheel well, the better. On street courses, prototype teams will usually sport the biggest, longest, and most aggressive forms of louvers to vent air and create downforce. Another aspect of most louvers is their taller height (to give air a chimney to flow out from) that extra height adds more volume to the outer profile of the carmaking a bigger hole for the passing air to go over and thus reducing straightline speed. ... Sooo, I'm vending my fenders. Thought I would share with the class.... I'm not done, of course. Trying to decide between louver vents, mesh, dimpled holes or what... any ideas?
  7. The air foil type. Looks a lot like the OE spoiler lip but more aggressive. Your car is already all modded out though lol
  8. ^Agreed, Unless you put in a LEGIT kit with all the bells and whistles.
  9. Not yet, Getting some Vossen CVT though. Also got a carbon lip, trunk spoiler and rear diffuser. Think I'm going to get the spoiler and diffuser molded in. It's looks so much more clean that way. You have any new mods?
  10. Service man told you that or salesman? Salesmen do not rep Lexus, they work for the dealership...
  11. Sorry to be resurrecting a old post but.... I have a 08 IS350 and I have questions about NOS. 1) Why would you want a dry shot? That is the cheapest and most dangerous kit. 2) How would one run Nitrious on our ECU's that are not tunable? If i ran NOS, I would want a WOT switch and the system would be wet. Complications would be with the car trying to pull my throttle back when it senses *BLEEP* it doesnt like. Also, the O2 sensors reading too much fuel and pulling back my fuel...
  12. Your dealership told you to unbuckle? go find a manager or contact district management. thats a joke of a response.
  13. Not sure if there is a recall pinned thread or what, if so, please move this for me. Anyways, Just case you guys have not been informed. There is a new recall for 06-13 IS350's. It may apply to IS250 as well, I am unsure. The recall is for the fuel pressure sensor. The sensor can leak over time. Your dealership will inform you of this the next time you come in for service, but here is my heads up. As you may now, there are many other recalls for our model year and engine. If you have had no recalls done, you really need to get into the dealership. We "Lexus" (Yes, I am affiliated to lexus.. shh) take older engines (4yr+) and return them to Japan to be broken down and analyzed. These recalls do not mean the engines are failing, they just show signs of possible failure to happen. There will be a major recall for many dashes around April of this year. All dashes that get slightly sticky in hot weather will be replaced. They are producing replacement dashes right now, why the recall hasn't started yet. *Bonus info* Lexus plans to turbo charge all sedans by end of 2017. Lexus plans remodel of RX release Nov of 2015. Lexus plans to have wi-fi in all car by end of 2015. Lexus plans to have remote diagnostics by end of 2015.
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