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  1. To continue with the top post......At this point and time, this is the way a factory or aftermarket remote start will function on newer Toyota/Lexus vehicle makes and models until a newer version or update is available for the current "bypass/interface modules". I believe this started in the 2009+ Toyota/Lexus vehicles. If you have an older Toyota/Lexus, then this issue does not affect you. You can remote start your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, open the driver door handle and the remote start will NOT shut off. Hope this helps anyone who owns a newer Toyota/Lexus vehicle and wants the remote start feature.
  2. Hello I have been installing car alarms for 17 years. So I say this only to give credibility to my response and feedback. This is what I have learned from installing aftermarket remote start alarms/systems on newer Toyotas/Lexus vehicles. All newer Toyota/Lexus vehicles, makes and models all have this issue. When the remote start is activated, the door locks close. When either the driver door handle or the unlock button on the remote is pressed, the remote start shuts off. Its actually not an issue, but this is how the Toyota engineers designed the remote start to function. So actually the remote start works the way it was designed to work. Now concerning the issue with the range on the key fob/factory remote being only 10-20 feet. This is normal. Again this is the way Toyota engineers designed the range. Now if you want to add a aftermarket remote start to get better range and to let the car stay on when the remote start is activated. You will only improve one result. The range will definitely get improvement. Depending on the alarm manufacturer. You will get an extended range of 75feet and higher. And if you get the phone APP, then their is no range limit as long as your phone has cellular service your app will work from where ever you are. Now for the remote start staying on. The remote start will still shut off when you either open the driver door handle or press the unlock button on the aftermarket remote control or on the APP icon. This is because the way that the aftermarket "bypass/interface" module was designed. The aftermarket "bypass/interface" engineers designed it this way. They designed it after the factory design. I have to agree. This is an inconvenience. When I first installed a aftermarket remote start in a newer Toyota/Lexus I thought I had installed it wrong. I spent hours tracing all my work. Finally I called the alarm manufacturer and they explained to me that the aftermarket remote start was designed to duplicate the factory Toyota/Lexus features.
  3. I really like this feature to air out the RX in the summer
  4. Thanks for all the do it yourself posts. really good info
  5. I'll try it next time I do an oil change. thanks for the post
  6. Thanks for the info on the "technical info services" Ill check it out
  7. The dashes on the second generation Is have a recall. They fall apart and come off in chunks when any force is applied. The material was a very bad choice
  8. Hello Anthony. The newer Lexus iS are very diff than the older LS you had. You will easily spend $1000 on labor alone. Plus the radio of your choosing, plus parts. Best buy will not be able to do this job. This is a custom job/install. And with any job that has "custom" involved, be prepared to pay 4 to 5 times more. You will need a custom stereo shop to do this job. What part of California are you located in? Im in Los Angels. I can do this job for you. Send me a message if you like more info
  9. Yes this is a easy DIY project. First I like to park on a level surface and apply the e-Brake. Put the key in the ignition switch and turn key all the way but don't start the RX. 2) Pull up on the woodgrain trim that is around the gear shift lever, it just has clips. The panel will come off easily just take your time. 3) Put gear shift in Neutral and remove gear shift trim. 4) With a pick or plastic panel popper carefully pull on the woodgrain trim (from left to right) that has the cigarette lighter and the headlight wiper switch. It just hs clips No screws. Do this a few times and you'll be a pro soon. Good luck.
  10. A few questions. 1) Did you buy the car like this with no audio? 2)Did the speakers work before and then just recently stopped working? 3)Did one speaker stop working and then all speakers stopped working? A little more info is needed to properly diagnose. Thanks.
  11. Yes the spare tire sometimes leaks air. Fill the spare tire first it could save you from paying someone else to try to figure it out.