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1993 SC300 First Timer


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Hi everyone. Hopefully I'm new to the Lexus family. Looking for your precious advice. I now have the option to purchase a 1993 SC300, 10100 miles on clock, pearl white and in really good condition. It was sold to local a dealer. I noticed the alternator and water pump look relatively new leading me to think the timing belt may have be done, although no receipts in vehicle. Are there any pit falls or advice you can give. I'd appreciate it very much.

also sale price with Maryland inspection is around $2800..... your thoughts.

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10,100 miles?  Do you mean 101,000 miles?  Usually there is a sticker on engine front top with 'timing belt change info'... most shops do.  If 101k miles, price being asked is on the high side, but, if the vehicle is in top shape it is a question of how much you fell for it.  I just bought a 1992 SC400 with 130k miles for $1,150 and spent $500 on replacing a leaking radiator.  My SC exterior is 9/10 and interior is 8/10 with a broken Nakamichi amp.  I know I need to replace all 4 shocks and some other suspension parts.  But, I am happy with what I am doing because I always wanted 1 of those cars.

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Sorry, I did mean101000 miles. I can't seem to walk past anytime I look. It will go to auction if I pass on it as this is what this large dealer does.

It does drive very well. Like yours I would say 9/10 for exterior and 8 or 9/10 for the inside. I believe 1 owner from new. Only thing missing on the inside is the cup holder that pops out right side of radio and the trunk struts need replaced. Again white pearl paint looks great newish pirellis all around and alloy's in great shape. Seems I'm talking myself into it, but I'm still willing to wait if the advice says I'm over paying...

thanks for the reply I really appreciate it.

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