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  1. Hi Returd... did you post the amp sale? is it in classifieds?
  2. 10,100 miles? Do you mean 101,000 miles? Usually there is a sticker on engine front top with 'timing belt change info'... most shops do. If 101k miles, price being asked is on the high side, but, if the vehicle is in top shape it is a question of how much you fell for it. I just bought a 1992 SC400 with 130k miles for $1,150 and spent $500 on replacing a leaking radiator. My SC exterior is 9/10 and interior is 8/10 with a broken Nakamichi amp. I know I need to replace all 4 shocks and some other suspension parts. But, I am happy with what I am doing because I always wanted 1 of those ca
  3. 2 weeks ago, bought a 92 SC400 with 129k miles. Fixed leaking radiator. Need to change Nakamichi amp, 4 shocks etc... other things. Love the car, although it might take a while to bring it back to full potential. Good thing is exterior is almost perfect... interior as well.
  4. My 92 SC400 needs Nakamichi amp. I pulled it out, but, the only label I see is B3240 02209. Other white label is washed out from water damage. I see ebay sellers offering amps with different numbers: what I should be looking for? And the car needs all 4 shocks replaced. Amazon is selling shocks for about $70 each. Are these correct part numbers for a 92 SC400? Appreciate your help. KYB GR-2 Gas 341161 & 341162 Also, Amazon has following strut mounts: are these correct part numbers? If anyone used these, appreciate confirmationKYB SM5564KYB SM5186 Attached T
  5. I have a 2010 LS460. Yes, any sensors you have are in the middle of the windshield around RV mirror. I stuck velcro for EZ pass to the left of Rain sensor film (when you sit in driver seat looking out). It works fine. For my 2002 LS430, which is traded in recently, I had it in the middle where Rain sensor film is and it always worked.
  6. I have had a 1995 LS & 2002 LS430 for years and 2 weeks ago bought a 2010 CPO LS460 with 51k miles. One thing I noticed on the LS460 is Fog lamps when switched on are barely lighting up the road/sides. When I look at them from outside they look bright, but, I barely see any difference in road illumination sitting in driver seat. I didn't experience this in earlier models. Is this a known issue? Could it be because apparently they look like LED lamps on LS460? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys... I bought the remote fob and magazine from eBay. Both work. Appreciate the help
  8. Bought a 1997 ES300 with 125k miles: have couple of questions need help with. 1. Car came with 1 master key, 1 valet key and NO remote FOB. When I google for 1997 ES300 remote fob, I get results with FCC ID: HYQ1512P. I wonder whether I can re-program a spare FOB I have from a 1995 LS400 with FCC ID: HYQWDT-C? Can someone with a working remote from ES300 post the FCC ID on the back of their remote please? 2. The 6 CD magazine from glove compartment CD deck is missing. Can I go with units being sold on ebay which say it fits 97 ES etc OR should I be looking for a particular part number?
  9. I always wanted to buy an SC300/400: saw this deal and will go see the car in the next 2-3 days, but, wondering whether it is a good deal. I had LS400 since 2003 & now own a 2002 LS430 and I love them, but, never drove/rode an SC. What I should look for in an SC other than the routine 'used car buying' inspection. Appreciate any help. 1994 SC300 180k miles Auto asking $2,000 I
  10. I have a 95LS400 bought in 2003 which consistently gives 24-25 mpg highway and 18-19 mpg in city. I bought 02LS430 a month ago and its mileage is more or less the same (drove about 3,500 miles so far - 2 out of town trips). On long rides, the trip computer showed 25.6 mpg tank average. Really! I drove my 13 year old 90 LS400 into the Lexus dealer in 2003 and test drove a low mileage off-lease CPO 2000 LS400 and a new 2003 LS430 back-to-back. It was surprising how little the 2000 LS400 felt like the 90 LS and how it felt much more like the LS430. The coolest thing about buying a 2000 LS
  11. Sewell Lexus & Plano Lexus (both in Texas, US) do sell parts online at competitive prices. I bought couple of times and have no complaints. Google the names and you can reach their websites.
  12. My 1995 LS400 has 215k miles: it had 106k when bought in 2003. Except for the last 2, all my oil changes have been 'dino'/plain. Switched recently to synthetic just to reduce the trips. Even today the engine purrs like a cat ready to pounce. But, I was always religious about change interval - to the point some of my friends joke at me. Oil just lubricates and does nothing else. I know that motor oil is like religion to some on the board......they have consummate faith in their favorites, and no others will do. However, the reality is, they are all motor oil. Use the proper weight an
  13. I have a 1995 LS400 with 215k miles. Timing belt etc was changed (1st) around 160k miles (I bought it at 106k) and the engine has always been running quiet. Yesterday when I started it after a week the engine was making loud noise which quited down after 3-4 minutes. I drove around the block, stopping and restarting the engine but could not duplicate it. When it was loud, the car was shaking too which smoothed out after the noise died. I did not see any odd color smoke from exhaust. I do remember it happened 2-3 times, occassionaly few months ago, but then this time it is more pronounce
  14. I do have NAV Manual, but, it only mentions how to change NAV screen color. I am referring to screens when you push 'Audio' & 'Climate' buttons - the brown with green buttons (whe on). I was wondering whether the brown default screen could be changed to a different color? I saw your other thread asking the nav question but I tend to not reply to a thread unless I actually have a clue about a subject. If you don't have a manual for your nav system, you can get one for only $17.10 from Sewell Lexus in Texas: I've purchased
  15. Thanks LS... you are a veritable treasure trove for info. Hey, can I ask you another question? I know how to change NAV display color, but, Audio & Climate controls screens color change - any suggestion (It is ML)?
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