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Headlamp condensation issue


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I recently purchased a ES350 in Vancouver (I am a Canadian here) but I've noticed that there are condensations and fogginess in both the headlamps and the tail lamps. When I bought the car from the dealership, they repeatedly told me that this is normal. But I have found that the condensations in the lamps seem to get worse over the past week. I really don't think that this is normal at all. I am a girl and this is my first time buying a car. I've done the homework and research on cars but I am still very lacking. The condensations seem to be an issue for the RX350 as suggested online. If anyone could please help clarify this lamp condensation problem a little for me I would really really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!!!






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Hi Connie...welcome to the Forum

I would say that no condensation is good anywhere in the car but least of all in the lights themselves. If (like here in the UK) it rains constantly then water does tend to seep into virtually everywhere in the car and headlamps are no exception. Combine that with condensation that is produced by the cold ambient temperature and the heat from the bulbs the other side of the lens, then it is usually normal (but unacceptable) to have moisture inside lights.

Looking at the rear lamps, it is marginal and shouldn't cause too much in the way of damage through corrosion, however, the headlamps seem to have a huge amount of water inside them and this isn't good for the reflectors (which can dull over time with being exposed to moisture) and also the bulb and electrical connections.

I would advise look at where the water may be getting in and resealling the lens to the headlamp body....or replace them for new/newer units.

Let us know how you get on with this.

Cheers  Trevor

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