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Header System

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I've seen a header system including "y" pipe and 3" catback piping for the 1mzfe engines. My Windom however is a '93 (3vzfe) Does any body out there know if the headers for the 1mzfe can bolt on to a 3vzfe engine.

I know the blocks are different but are the heads very diferent too?

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the manifold is different the y pipe is different and the cat is different

as well as the egr system that connects to the rear manifold.

It would be easier with a 1mz-fe engine as well as at least a 95-96 modle as even the 94 is different

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in 94 they introduced the accoustic intake on all 1mz-fe engines as did the distributorless ignition on all ones.I have seen the rear plugs go back to wires for the rear plugs though for 96 not sure about 95.

in 95 they chanegd the y pipe heights

in 97 they changed the intake head and valve train as well as the egr system upper rear exhaust manifold and the y pipe which now included the cat as one peice.

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