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How can I make my Lexus gs300 louder? I.e exhaust(s)?

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Yo wassup ya. I have a stock 99 Lexus Gs300 and I want it to sound more aggressive and louder. Can I get some tips on how to make it louder and/or any links for any purchases I can make to make my Gs300 louder? For example maybe exhaust/straight pipe or what not? Thank you 

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I would really like to know why guys these days think its so cool to have a super loud exhaust??? Its more annoying and a nuisance to the general public. Lots of guys have this where I live, and Im about to buy a paint ball gun to shoot at every loud car that goes by because Im sick of it. Back in the day of real hot rods we had cherry bombs/glass packs that made our car sound tough, but not super noisy.


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"Brrrrrrrrrrp! Brrrrrrrrrp pop pop pppop" seems to be the thing to do these days by the crooked hat community with 95% of their skivies exposed. 

Ah, I take solice in knowing that this year I have to put up with the racket but next year I'll be picking good parts from what's left of them at my local junkyard because they're either crashed or the drivetrain is destroyed. 

I restored two Honda Preludes from junk yard cars with broken engines or bad transmissions. 

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