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  1. Is there anyone here who runs a set of American Racing wheels? I'm checking this store for the option and wondering which of these models will fit my IS250. I'm about to replace my tires soon and I want a new set of wheels to match it.
  2. I am not sure, maybe you should try checking Facebook groups.
  3. Loud noise when reversing is also an indication of worn out brake pads.
  4. The answer that I found on Google will be 17″ diameter, 8″ width. The agent from 4WheelOnline mentioned it as well while I was searching for a new set of wheels for IS250 a few years ago. Are you trying to purchase aftermarket wheels?
  5. Do you a specific brand mind or you looking for stock wheels?
  6. Novus have great products, but I feel like they need to update their ads because it kind of old.
  7. You can buy it, then seek help from an auto mechanic so that they can install it for you.
  8. I am not planning to get a new car, but I am sure that the price will not be an issue for those who want this car.
  9. I thought that using your side mirror is enough. Also, I haven't tried to tow an RV before using my Lexus.
  10. A car with a high mileage on it requires a great maintenance in the future. You should check the following on a regular basis: coolant power steering fluid brake fluid transmission fluid wiper fluid There are other stuff to consider, take some time reading articles all over the internet for information.
  11. I don't see anything wrong with tinted windows for as long as you follow the rules on the state where you live in.
  12. It will, which tire model are you planning install on you LS 400?
  13. I usually read reviews about the tires first before proceeding the check out.
  14. I am not sure, but I have seen some videos and articles online. Let's see what the moderators have to say with the inquiry.
  15. It's my dream car, I have always wanted a Lexus back then.
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