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Need help ASAP on 07 GS350 headlight problem

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Husband owns a 2007 GS350 with a little over 100k miles.

The other day, we spent the night out of town. When leaving the hotel, it was raining and cold, so he went to get the car. The car was sitting overnight in a dry parking garage. He spent only 5-10 minutes in traffic from the garage to pick me up. I noticed his passenger headlight was out. I informed him and since he was due an oil change, we made an appointment to have everything handled that afternoon at our local shop.

Shop checked the car out and said they couldn't find a bad bulb, so it must be a bad ballast (they also said both ballasts were making noise, so the other one would be bad soon as well). Now the headlight works again with no problems. Shop has already ordered the assemblies for both headlights (wow, expensive!). Could the problem only be a bad bulb or ballast, or is it possible that maybe moisture from the rain got into the headlight and caused it to temporarily stop working? It started working after the rain passed and has been working since (and hasn't rained since).

Car goes into the shop for repairs on Monday, so we need to know ASAP if we are or are not replacing the headlight assemblies. Any help is appreciated!

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Welcome to your Lexus Owners Club.  Glad your here.

Your problem is the nightmare of all car owners and mechanics. Intermittent malfunction. This is the same thing as when the refrigerator starts working the day the repairman shows up.. If it is always the passenger side I would expect that it would be the headlamp or ballast. The other thing you left out was the 100,000  miles on the car. That is not a bad thing, but if you think of it from being 2007, 100,000 mile car things are bound to become a little more sensitive. The head light might be a wiring loose connector. 

I am not being of much help but these are other ideas. 

At the top, right hand side of the welcome and forums page, there is a search box in which you can search any problem you have. This search is a compilation of all the problems sorted by year, model, and specific problem. This is usually helpful  since over the 15 years of Lexus experience in that data.base this usually something that sounds familiar.


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...this may or may not be relevant to your situation...but it did save me $3000.  I was dealing with 2009 Lexus.  The issue was bad headlight caused by moisture invasion...2 Lexus dealers said they knew nothing of that sort problem...very hard to believe....check on line to find the two class actions suits citing this problem....when brought to attention of Company Lexus, they resolved the $3000 problem...Good Luck

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