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  1. Scan the car first and if it shows a problem with the B1S1 sensor then you should replace it as soon as you can. But if there is no issue with that sensor, then wait till the engine light comes on. When you get the car scanned, ask them to print out the codes and then clear the stored codes, that way old codes are removed from the car's memory. Makes it easier to diagnose any problems in the future so that outdated codes don't show up next time you scan the car.
  2. If any of the oxygen sensors is faulty it will trigger the engine light to come on, as the engine computer relies on the oxygen sensors to determine the correct amount of fuel that needs to go into the engine to achieve ideal combustion. If the oxygen sensor is not working, the engine has no idea if there is too little or too much fuel going into the engine which leads to higher fuel consumption and also higher emissions. If too little fuel is going in, the engine will run rough, hesitate on take off, and have less power, and if there is too much fuel going into the engine, all that extra fuel ends up in the catalytic converter causing the catalytic converter to fail and it is expensive to replace the catalytic converter. I work with Jeep and I've seen them cost $5000+ just for the part, not including labor. Don't know how much they are for Lexus. The oxygen sensor should not be that expensive. The dealer is probably charging you way more than what it actually costs - all dealerships do that, especially for genuine parts. You can always get an aftermarket sensor or find one on eBay. Buy the sensor yourself and get the local mechanic to fit it for you - it will end up a lot cheaper. When you get the chance, get the car scanned for codes, if there is any codes for the older oxygen sensor, save up for it over 2 or 3 months, and then replace it. But it is not good to leave it as is IF the oxygen sensor is faulty, to prevent damaging the catalytic converter. All the best!
  3. The V6 engine is divided into two halves, the left side and the right side. One side is referred to as Bank 1 and the other side is Bank 2. Each bank has an exhaust pipe coming out of it, and each of these pipes has an oxygen sensor (Sensor 1, AKA S1) followed by a catalytic converter, followed by another oxygen sensor (Sensor 2, aka S2). So B1 S1 = Bank 1, Sensor 1 Which sensor did you replace already? When you replace an oxygen sensor it is recommended to replace both sensor 1 and sensor 2 because they work together as a system. If one is old and the other is new then you can get issues. But before you go replacing the other oxygen sensor, you need to have the car scanned to get the code that triggered the engine light to come on. It may be related to the older oxygen sensor but could also be something completely different. So you need to get the car scanned either at the dealership (preferably) or local mechanic and get them to print out the codes (or write them down or take photos on your phone). Let me know what the code(s) is so I can tell you what to do next.
  4. There is a lot of wiring behind the dash, but if all these issues started after the dash replacement, then the dealership has to fix them because they did something to cause all these issues. It could be anything from a loose connector or damaged wiring to something as simple as doing a reset procedure of some sort. Also check the battery and alternator for any issues. Take the car back to them.
  5. B1 S2 refers to the Bank 1 Sensor 2, basically the oxygen sensor. If the engine light is off it means whatever caused it to come on is no longer causing an issue. Keep driving, it's all OK.
  6. The outer headlight glass is actually plastic that tends to turn yellow with age and UV exposure, reducing the amount of light that goes through them. I bought a headlight restoration kit for my RX330 that basically removes the yellow hazing and polishes the lens so that it becomes perfectly clear, almost like a brand new headlight.
  7. I changed the battery on my 2005 RX330 and the radio didn't ask for a code, but the windows stopped working with the master switch. You have to reset the windows by opening the window half-way and then close it and keep holding the switch in the up position for 10 seconds. Do this at each window. I don't know about the IS and ES.