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Sc430 Chrome Wheel Upgrade

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Just upgraded the wheels on the SC430 to chrome plating with the 'sport' center cap. Was wondering if anyone else has had an issue with the fit of the OEM center cap screws with the aftermarket caps. The new caps don't have a counterbore so the screw heads stick up quite a bit. Has anyone run across an aftermarket vendor for these screws? I have checked with several fastener companies, but the fact that they are metric and cosmetic has made them difficult to find. The only solution at this point is to have a set custom machined....

PS Would love feedback on how they look....



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I agree. Very hot. About those socket head cap screws - do those holes have a chamfer of any sort? If it is metal, I might suggest counterboring the cap itself as long as there is enough material to allow it. Otherwise you could go with a button, flat or flat button. I deal with these things from time to time with our machinery at work. You need to have a customer account with McMaster Carr to order - but a local distributor should be able to order them for you. You could then have them chromed or perhaps a zinc coating might be the look you like. There are lots of options. Good luck.

Go here and type "socket head cap screw" in the product selection search function and you will get more info that you can handle. They have metric and every other option you can think of.

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