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Hello All,

My last christmas road trip went horrible. My 2007 RX350 suddenly started decelerating while I was driving on a bridge in Pensacola, Florida. I was driving at around 45MPH on the bridge when this happened. Engine stopped running while the car was still moving and all the warning lights on the display panel turned on. I have managed to pull the over my car to the curb and called my GEICO roadside assistance. It was dark coupled with dense fog and very low visibility. My car was towed to a nearest Toyota Service station next morning on 12/26/2015 (Saturday, day after Christmas). Toyota's technician spent around three hours on my car and came back saying that spark plug coils went bad and then replaced all 4 of the rear coils. But the car still didn't work, the engine starts and dies immediately and all the warning lights turned on. They spent another hour or so and came back to me saying that they couldn't figure out the problem and asked me to leave the car with them to be looked at on following Monday. I left the car at the service station, rented a car and drove home which is 700 miles away in Texas. Toyota's technicians are still not able to diagnose the issue with my car as of today 01/07/2016. Yesterday, I got a message from Toyota service station saying that their master technician spoke to a Lexus technician to seek help but they are still inconclusive and do not know the issue with my car.

I bought this car certified pre-owned in 2010 from a Lexus dealer.

I am writing this post to find out if anyone dealt with similar problem. I appreciate greatly any help and suggestions.

Thank you,


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I can't think of any reason for this symptom except for a mighty software failure. Altho I have had 3 ign. coils fail in less than 80k on my '07 rx350, they were simply grasping at straws with their diagnosis. Since u have a warranty suggest to them that they start replacing computers until they find the bad one. They are mechanics, not software engineers which is why they can't figure this problem out. Obviously someone doesn't want to spend the needed funds to remedy your problem. Good luck!

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I would think towing would be quite expensive. Maybe u could ask the dealer if they are able to check the 'ENGINE MANAGEMENT COMPUTER or something in that category. Possibly a "used auto parts yard" would have the part u need if someone can figure out which one it is. I'm just trying to use common sense as I'm not a software expert. Sorry about u're non warranty.

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I have to wonder about either the skill levels of the technicians or the integrity of the Toyota dealership. These guys should have all the skills and tools they need to quickly diagnose a problem like this without guessing. The same V6 engine your RX has is in numerous Toyota and Lexus vehicle models.

I had very similar problems occur multiple times on two Lexus LS400's over a 24 year period. The engines would just sputter and die and the cars would cost to a stop with all the dash lights on. The engines could usually be restarted but would die again after driving a while. Most of these occurrences were due to a failing battery - the connections between cells would fracture and reattach as bumps were encountered. The last time this happened on my 2000 LS400, the cause was a failing starter.

If there is a Lexus dealership near the Toyota dealership where your RX is now and if it is under separate ownership, consider having your RX taken there. I certainly would not have it towed 700 miles.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

Based on what I heard from the Toyota service consultant it seems that their master technician is not putting enough time to work on my car because he is also working on their scheduled recall appointments.

I will to Lexus service center tomorrow first and make a decision whether or not to tow my car to them.

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On ‎4‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 5:36 AM, geethasri said:

I ended up towing my car to a Lexus dealer and thee fixed it it in two days. All they did was replace all six coils and it fixed the issue.

I shudder to think what that cost you. We're sailing (gently) past 102,000 miles on our RX400h and no (knock on wood) problems (yet).

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