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  1. Looks like U have more than got your money's worth out of it, so you could just milk it to the very end (when a repair would out strip the car's worth). The only caveat would be finding an immediate replacement, but if worse came to worse, you could rent a vehicle until U find one U like. Personally, I don't really like the new RX350's because of the ft. design. It also appears they have no ft. bumper, so if someone would back into U the grill would almost always break. The Honda CRV's and Pilots look quite nice. Best of luck!!
  2. My coils started going bad at 75k. I bot the new ones online and had the Toyota dealer install the rear ones (not real easy) and plugs so the problem wouldn't recur. My opinion is that the Japanese made ones should be ok. Not Chinese!
  3. From what U have said the head gasket thing sounds pretty likely, but not a new engine unless the old one has lots of damage. A good mechanic will be able to determine that problem and solve it for U. I had the coils in mine start to fail at 75k which was very premature, so I had them all replaced.
  4. My guess is that the temp thermostat is defective and erroneously turning them on.
  5. U can get at the rear plugs by removing a bunch of stuff from the top. There was a tutorial on this site on how to do it. Altho it's time consuming I think it would be easier than messing with the mounts.
  6. Susan, I am not a fan of hybrids, so I would not buy that car. In your case U said only the rear bumper was replaced, which indicates a minor accident. Then I would buy it if the car checked out and didn't have too many miles on it. A minor accident is not a game breaker, a major one (maybe over 7k damage) could change my mind. Good luck.
  7. It is my opinion that lexus may have considered some help had you provided documentation of a transmission fluid change at around 50k or so miles. Of course the trans. may have been abused contributing to the failure.
  8. Sure. Altho I had 60k on my RX, I called Lexus customer service and asked for a little "goodwill" concerning the steering rack on the premise that this was a continuing problem with their racks. I maintained that a properly built steering rack should last a long time without leaking through the seals. I also told them I would buy an aftermarket unit (much cheaper) if I could not get any satisfaction. Good Luck
  9. I had the same problem, called Lexus, and got them to foot the bill for the rack, but I had to pay labor, which was not cheap. but better than nothing. Racks leaking was a problem with those cars.
  10. And along those lines some shops will make U believe they need to pull the engine, when they know very well how to do the job without doing that. Of course the rate will be the same as if they really pulled the engine. An informed customer is the best defense. This club is like gold!!
  11. Michelle, I put a set of Nexen nferas on mine. The reviews were good and priced right. U may want to check them from tire buyers.com. I know they have a big factory in Korea.
  12. If it was me and I was lucky enough to get a store credit from Rock Auto I would buy another brand. Buying from your mechanic in the first place probably would have been a good option. Now it looks like you're on the hook.
  13. I would reinstall my old radio and see if the problem corrects itself. If so return the new one and get a refund.
  14. I would start by removing the circuit board under the driver side window switches and spraying all the connections with an electronic spray cleaner, let dry completely, and try again.