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Window Malfunction With Remote?


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My recent experience.

I pushed unlock on the fob and I think I might have it triple or quadruple clicked it, I may have been pressing against one of the anothers with my thumb, I'm not sure but the car unlocked, then the drivers window just rolled itself down.

Lexus Dealer $500

Some Repair shop $4-600


Unpluged battery.

Going around and holding up for a second thing does reset it but not in this case, aparently there's a combination on the remote that will cause a malfunction with the radio detectors codes.

Everyones like the switch, switch board, the motor blah blah blah, they were giving me excuse after excuse. I'm like, did you not hear me, this car did it all by itself, the window did not fall, it did not break. It quietly rolled itself down.


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