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  1. Hi, I figured it out. There are 3 connectors to the door ECU. The far right connector that is closest to the door latch was not snug. I believe this is what controlled the auto-up/down feature. I retraced my steps and with help of other's suggestions, I found the problem and the window works now. Thank you.
  2. Hello, This is my first post. I searched all posts, forums, youtube videos and manuals I could find. HELP. My SC430 is a Yr02005 with 29,000 miles. I changed my front speakers (6.5"). I did not touch the window motors. Now my passenger window will only work with manual operations. i.e. I have to hold the switch to make it go up or down. Steps: I disconnected battery. Then removed door panel, connectors to door latch, door light, and removed connection to passenger door ECU. Then I replaced the speakers. Now, connected everything back. Before closing up, I'm testing everything. The
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