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  1. **Help Wireless Remote Problem**

    Hi Luvdove! Thank you for all this good information! I will go down the list of suggestions you made! I believe it is the Drivers side switch, This morning I took the switch off and cleaned the Bolt since it makes the Ground! I did same for passenger side! I sprayed De-Oxit, contact cleaner for electronics. However I did not spray the actual connection where the white clip connects to switch, I will go back now and stay those 2 connections! As a precaution, I ordered a new Door Jam Switch just in case it is a Switch. I did disconnect my Battery last week, I will re-check the voltage as described, even though the Battery is 12 months old. I did have it checked at a Vavoline shop, they printed out the results...Excellent condition, Battery rated above the specs of the cranking rating. The Lexus Dealer who put in the new Door Actuator on replaced both of my Batteries in my Keys--I will also check them with my volt meter. I will let you know my findings!! Talk soon and thank you! Bob
  2. Happy Holidays! Here is my problem, my remote master keys, both of them will not lock my SC430. If I reprogram remote buttons, the car will remotely then open and close as it should. However then for some reason the car will go back to not receiving signal from remotes to lock or unlock car? Also when this does happen, my Dome light will stay on, then I have to fiddle with the Key manually to have the Dome Light cycle off. What have I done: 1-Replaced both Driver and Passenger Door Actuators-By Lexus Dealer 2-Replace all new batteries in Key/Remotes' 3-My main Car battery test's excellent, I doubt that is the culprit. 4-I have programed my remote keys to the car so they activate remotes, that works then later fails after a random amount of says. ***Is there a Module that could be bad, if so, what module? Appreciate any help! B-
  3. Ok Same here on my sc430, The dealer has replace both Door Actuators are know to fail! Well, after doing that, my SC Remote will not lock the doors with remote. Can lock and unlock manually with Key! Has anybody had any Modules replaced or similar problem that finally got fixed?? Appears to be a wireless receiving problem?? Thanks!!