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2005 ES330 VSC/TRAC OFF/ AIRBAG light on, remote does not lock/unlock vehicle after disconnecting and reconnecting battery

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I disconnected the battery to clean out the air intake and replace the air filter.  After finishing and reconnecting the battery, the car starts and shuts off. sometimes it will stay on, but does a weird thing with the Tach and Speedo needle where it sweeps to about half way and shakes and drops back down.  The remote no longer locks unlocks or opens the trunk.    The passenger side front door control no longer do anything ( lock button or window button);  the window on that door also does not go back up with either the master switch nor the one on the door. Both side seat memory has stopped working as well.   And off course the VSC, Trac OFF and airbag light remains on. 

I feel like it has something to do with the key becoming unprogrammed.  Unfortunately I only have the valet key and one master key.  

I am wondering if there is a simple/cheap solution without going to the Lexus dealer.  

The car was performing perfectly with no other symptoms prior to me disconnecting the battery.  


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    • By MR.SMITH
      Since the beginning of ownership, 4 months ago, my Lexus has been showing lights on the dash for:
      VSC, have checked by dealer
      Check engine
      Traction control off
      I would scan my car with your normal scan tool and it would read "camshaft position A actuator circuit". I ended up replacing both the sensor and solenoid on bank A. Neither of those things fixed the issue. $700 later, I replaced the timing control motor. More power, no lights and no issues. Passed inspection.
    • By Hoffy5
      Happy Holidays!
      Here is my problem, my remote master keys, both of them will not lock my SC430.  If I reprogram remote buttons, the car will remotely then open and close as it should.  However then for some reason the car will go back to not receiving signal from remotes to lock or unlock car?  Also when this does happen, my Dome light will stay on, then I have to fiddle with the Key manually to have the Dome Light cycle off.
      What have I done:
      1-Replaced both Driver and Passenger Door Actuators-By Lexus Dealer
      2-Replace all new batteries in Key/Remotes'
      3-My main Car battery test's excellent, I doubt that is the culprit.
      4-I have programed my remote keys to the car so they activate remotes, that works then later fails after a random amount of says.
      ***Is there a Module that could be bad, if so, what module?
      Appreciate any help!
    • By hazouma
      Hi guys,
      I've been a member of this reputable forum for a while now, and i want it to share this as a small gesture of gratitude.
      coming home one night and parking the car as always ,and suddenly it was like Christmas came early to my dashboard.
      vsc light, trac light, this circle between two brackets , and the big C (check engine) all came on at the same time.
      i tried to put the car in gear as it was on Park, and a peeping sound came on and a message asking me to put the car in P shift position.!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i was baffled and i suspected the gear GOD forbids, and i had a misty idea that a loose fuel cap will trigger this symptoms but i had to check it in the morning , and it was the same movie  all over again.
      Anyway i opened the fuel tank and tightened it up till I heard a click for three times.
      i started the car again with no change and as you can see i was really frustrated at this point .
      i left it for a couple of hours out of frustration and went to wok then i came back and started the car .......Shazam everything returned back to normal.
      and the LOOSE FUEL CAP  was really the culprit as  all experts agreed here.
      N.B: the beeping sound was coz i put the car on gear while the driver's door was open and of course the occuring message was of the same reason , as you see i was really panicking.......
      Thanks and I hope this will help someone .
    • By CelesteBlanca10
      Hello. I have a GX470 2007, bought it used and it had 2 headrest dvd's already in place. We lost the remote and bought a new generic one, but I can't find the dvd player code for it to program the remote.
      I have the DVD manual, but not only it doesn't say anything about it, it doesn't even mention who the manufacturer is .. not a single link or company name of phone # - nothing.
      All it says on the manual is: "REV2 Headrest Video Monitor with Built-in DVD"
      Does anyone know the code for this thing? Or how to get this remote to work?
    • By Dray81
      So im just wondering if im seeing this right .....i have been bitten by the apparent lexus goblin response from gas pedal until the very bottom and search google found this cool site and posts from as far back as 2011 i believe and although i may have missed it NO SOLUTION....plenty of remedys and band aids but no real fix and lexus has been having these same problems with their cars from 98 to i think i saw someone post about a 2011 with the problem ...and still no solutions ...really? Or did i just miss them lol
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