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Maf Burnt Out Told By Dealer!

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I have a 93 SC400 i bought 4 months ago from private party and bought a performance chip from GForce Chips. Been having sputtering/pooping sounds and hesitation a while after installing chip. Replaced TPS, fuel filter and cleaned MAF out also. Still had problems. Brought to dealer who tells me my MAF meter is burnt out!! Saw the chip and said it was most likely the cause, but couldnt guarantee it. Does anyone know if its just the meter or the sensor or both that needs replacing. Service guy says need to replace entire system including the plastic the meter is housed in! This was toyota dealer and wanted $1400+ to fix!! Yikes!!! We're going to fix ourselves, but need to know if we can replace just the meter? Is there a way to test if meter and sensor work with Ohm meter? Only light on was Trac light yet Trac works.

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