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  1. Hi Guys, Just took my car to the dealership and here's the break down of costs for certain symptoms on my 05 LS430 (has 131kmi) Trunk Latch Striker (Trunk is opening in a clunky manner) To replace $209 + labor Telescopic & tilt motors (Non-functioning motors, no in/out or up/down movement) To replace $1300 +labor Just a heads up, I'll circle back with alternatives in a couple days!
  2. Jainla, Yes the warning light displays the Trunk is Open (its not)-how do I disengage the trunk sensor? Secondly,the warning light that indicates a door is open (red car with doors open) will not disappear either...
  3. Hi guys,my 05 LS430 warning light will not shut off and it's driving me bonkers! The trunk is closed (thats another story). 2nd issue, the "doors open' light won't shut off either.. The instructions for reseting it in past threads doesn't work either. Help with these two issues? Bronto
  4. Thanks for the insight Landar- I pulled the trigger and now have this beauty! Sooo.. the Key fob (new battery installed) will not operate the power locks/keyless entry. The only thing that happens is the red panic button blinks when pressed. I've seen a lengthy series of steps for reprogramming the key online, i.e. Open the door, turn the key, press the brake, open the door, etc, etc.. Is this really what it takes? Does this work? Is there an easier way? FYI, she has 127k miles. I'm so proud of this car & everything on my (which you inspired) list was working fine. Thanks! Bronto
  5. Hi All, I'll be purchasing a 05 Ls430 soon,(upgrading from a94 ls400 I wrecked :whistles: )Are there any "gotcha's" or redflags (sounds,sqeaks etc) I should be on the look out for when inspecting/test driving this vehicle? Thanks Bronto
  6. My 94Ls400 was giving me terrible transmission slipping symptoms, ( not shifting gears) & took it to the shop- no issues from mechanic. They said leave the ECT switch in "power" position. The cars has 245k on it.. Can someone weigh in on this?
  7. My accelerator pedal (94ls400,245kmi) isn't as taut as it should be, a good deal of pressing is needed to get powerful acceleration....which way should I go with this?
  8. Had the new (salvage) steering knuckle installed, working well! Now for the instrument cluster...-__-
  9. Hi I just replaced all of my 7 & 10 fuses to address my failed instrument cluster based on a forum recomendation (ALL BLACK) and this hasn't worked. In fact ,since doing this my windshield wipers have stopped functioning.. :cries:Any help welcome
  10. Honestly, at this point its less expensive to install & see. If its in poor shape too, I do have a new ball bearing in hand and will just have NAPA press the new one in...crossing fingers and toes
  11. Ok gents, I purchased the right steering knuckle from a 93 for my 94LS4-any land mines I should know about when installing this? Seems pretty formidable. Also,I figured the 93 & 94 part numbers were the same since its first gen.. any comments??
  12. Hi, I couldn't get the hub off of my LS to replace just the bearing, so Im going to purchase a salvage spindle knuckle. Two questions. I have a 94ls, will the spindle knuckles from 95-98 models work? The reason for this is my right/front bearing is bad (bad vibrations), is this the correct name for the part?
  13. Hi Landar, Im planning on purchasing a used OEM spindle knuckle for my 94 LS400s' bad wheel bearing problem, however I'm only seeing parts for 95-98 models; how do I know if these are compatible?
  14. Hi Landar, We couldn't seem to get the hub assembly off (see photo) so Im going to purchase an OEM steering knuckle that contains the bearing! Any thoughts on this?
  15. Thanks so much Landar! By the way, why do you say its not an on site type of job??
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