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Daytime Running Lights - Led Conversion


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LED's require a ballast be placed in line with the bulb to draw enough current to satisfy warning systems, flashers, etc., when used in many automotive applications.

Search for automotive tail light LED bulbs and some sites will explain how to hook the bulbs and ballast up to prevent issues.

Since your ES uses the low beams as DRL's (I believe) you will have difficulty finding an LED to fit the headlight housing, let alone give off enough light to be of any use as a DRL safely, and be of any use as a low beam at night. Good Luck!

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Oops, my bad! Had the opportunity to do some searching on eBay and came across MANY LED light assemblies for headlights, but ... they're all from China, and ...... who knows how good they are, will they fit, will they work with onboard Lexus electricals?

If you're willing to gamble, check them out.

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