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Es300 Stalling When Accelarting With Lights On


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I am a new Lexus owner. I just bought my 1996 ES300 a few weeks ago. It is overall in good condition with 250K on it.

It does need some work, though. I would really appreciate some of you fine and educated folks helping me get a grasp on my cars issues and seeing what work I can do myself.

I know it needs a speed sensor replaced, which is causing it to run idle at about 1500 RPMS and it has trouble accelerating/ drives a bit rough. It shifts smooth when it realizes it needs too.

Today I noticed something new. When I have the lights on(headlights) the internal dash light dims and when I accelerate it stalls. If I have it at a steady pace, it is fine. Once it stalls, she starts up again no problem.

I am taking it to a mechanic for a more thorough check on thursday but I worry about driving it to work and back with it acting up.

It also needs to have the gasket seal replaced around the engine block. Right in that seal where the engine cover connects to the rest of the engines body. It is a very small leak out of this area and doesnt affect the oil levels. Mechanic quoted me about 200-300 to fix.

Could you please help me diagnose my issue? Thank you! Happy to be apart of this group.

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